BRIDGE – Translational Excellence Programme - UCPH, Denmark

BRIDGE – Translational Excellence Programme: a two-year postdoctoral fellowship is a unique career opportunity for those wishing to become pioneering leaders in the field of translational medicine

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BRIDGE Translational Excellence Programme UCPH Denmark

About the BRIDGE Fellowship

The BRIDGE – Translational Excellence Programme offers a few select graduated PhDs a two-year postdoctoral fellowship in translational medicine.

A BRIDGE fellowship is a unique postdoctoral programme consisting of three core elements: education, mentoring and research.

In the matrix between these three elements, fellows will be trained and educated in how to apply new discoveries and technologies from biomedical research to the clinical environment and/or the life science industry, to the benefit of patient health. The fellows bridge the gap between research and medical treatment thereby fulfilling the vision of BRIDGE: to establish a translational clinical academic ecosystem in which scientists and physicians interact, so that basic biomedical discoveries can be studied in humans and translated into routine medical therapy.

Need for translational researchers

Translational researchers are needed. Innovative techniques and technological developments in biomedical science must be translated into the clinical realm to improve medical treatment.

The BRIDGE programme enables gaining insights on the scientific content of translational medicine, acquisition of the knowledge and skills to manage the essential collaboration between disciplines, and translation and back-translation between clinical and basic science.

Features of the Fellowships

  • The duration of fellowships is two years.
  • Fellows will dedicate 20% of their time to educational activities. The remaining 80% is dedicated to an individual research project in the field of translational medicine.
  • Fellows’ salary will be provided by the BRIDGE – Translational Excellence Programme for the two-year fellowship period.
  • In addition to the salary, the fellow will also have access to an annual sum of DKK 50.000 during the two-year employment to cover costs for computer equipment, travel, participation in meetings and conferences, language courses and activities not offered within the programme.

Eligibility for the Fellowships

The BRIDGE fellow is foremost an ambitious scientist who works on bridging the gaps between research and medical treatment. The successful BRIDGE fellow is also highly motivated to participate in the courses in the Academic Curriculum, to network and cooperate with other BRIDGE fellows.

Participating in the BRIDGE programme will provide you with training and education in the translational field, and a clear career path within translational research. Especially for medical doctors, participation in the programme provides a gateway to a career within research.

To become a BRIDGE-fellow applicants to need to have:

  • An MD and a PhD or equivalent (proof of an appointment that requires doctoral equivalency). Specialist training is no hindrance to apply, and medical training is appreciated.
  • An MSc and a PhD within a relevant discipline such as veterinary science, biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, bioinformatics, pharmacy, dentistry, or medical engineering.

As a postdoc candidate you must apply for a BRIDGE fellowship in cooperation with a Mentor Team. You may find a suitable Mentor Team listed on this website or you may contact relevant scientists at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, UCPH, and at a hospital/from the life science industry and suggest that they form a Mentor Team and collaborate with you on an application for the BRIDGE – Translational Excellence Programme.

How to become the BRIDGE Fellow

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