Nviews Career is an academic job board that helps job seekers and employers to save money, time, and effort

The Talent Community is always looking for like-minded people to build stronger communities and a better world. It is important to recognize each other, both from a job seeker and an employer perspective.

The lack of organized job information makes it difficult for people to find and apply for suitable jobs.

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As a job seeker, you may be overwhelmed with finding suitable jobs to start your dream career.

As an employer, your hiring process is overloaded, and you spend a lot of time finding talent for your projects or brainstorming ideas. This affects your academic competence and makes it impossible to evolve.


nViews Career is the only academic career platform that lists all academic job postings on one page with the basic information job seekers need to find the right job.

Our modern, robust, and sustainable academic job board is always at your service. It gives you many ways to promote yourself and get noticed.

Best career is your choice to choose

nViews Career simplified the process of selecting the best option from a list of options.

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Save time, money, and effort on your job search and discover the right place on your career path at nViews Career.

Save your energy to flourish in your work. Do not get caught up in browsing numerous websites.

Who we are?

Nviews Career was launched in 2020 to solve the problem of job seekers having to search many websites to find job openings and employers having to post job ads

Our team consists of five members who work from home to provide all job openings and other supporting articles.

Nviews Career is owned by Nviews Media Private Limited, based in Thanjavur, India.

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Reach us through the contact form or by e-mail (contact@nviewscareer.com).

Job Seekers Testimonials

Owsme…Gets every lab vacancy updates quickly. That’s why I have able to apply to so many universities.

Aditya Kumar Pal (Dec 2022)

PhD interview call (University of Basel, Switzerland)

I applied related PhD positions when I got in nviews career. It is very important, and I I appreciate you.

Faris (Oct 2022)

I was open to move overseas and wanted to look what was available, through this newsletter I received all the PhD open positions available in North Europe.

Claudia (Sep 2022)

It reveals a great many PhD opportunities

Dilip (Aug 2022)

nViews primary focus of top European countries to live and work is the best idea. Every individual deserves to build a career in an ideal environment. sincere gratitude to the core team and founder.

Anonymous (Jun 2022)

nViews Career is very helpful to find a job position in Europe. It is very accessible, giving good information and very quick and helpful response to every question you ask through the system

Ahmad Zare Javid (Jan 2022)

Employers Testimonials

It is an important support. Also, the whole experience was excellent. They published the call very quickly and well.

Anonymous (Mar 2022)

CENIA – Centro Nacional de Inteligencia Artificial, Chile