Umeå University Postdoctoral Scholarships Sweden

Umeå University Postdoctoral Scholarships Sweden

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Umea University Postdoctoral Scholarships - Sweden

Umeå University, Sweden offers several scholarships for postdoctoral merit to enable researchers to visit us and carry out independent research to qualify for further training and academic positions.

Facts about Umeå University Postdoctoral Scholarships

  • The purpose of a postdoctoral scholarship is to enable researchers to visit Umeå University and carry out independent research to qualify for further training and academic positions.  
  • To guarantee that you will receive high-quality training an individual development plan is written and a supervisor is appointed.  
  • The maximum time for a scholarship is two years. If the time limit is exceeded, the scholarship might be regarded as salary and is subject to taxation. This is also the case if the postdoctoral training is judged as work.  
  • A person with a scholarship for postdoctoral qualifications must not carry out such tasks as can be judged to constitute work, e.g. teaching. 
  • The scholarship holder may present his/her study results of the scholarship without it being seen as compensation for work carried out. 

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About the Scholarships

  • Scholarship amounts for postdoctoral qualifications must correspond to 48% of the price base amount, at a minimum. The Tax Agency’s website has information about the current price base amount. 
  • At Umeå University there are scholarships instituted by other bodies but administered by Umeå University (internal scholarship). There are also scholarships holders who are directly funded by an external body (external scholarship) 

Other details

A scholarship is tax exempt if: 
  It is intended for educational purposes, training for postdoctoral merit, independent research  
–  payments are not made periodically, i.e. disbursed over a period exceeding three years, or monthly exceeding one year. Note that Umeå University has a limit of 2 years 
–  under the condition that a scholarship does not constitute compensation for work carried out or to be carried out on the disburser’s behalf.

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