PERSEUS Doctoral Programme - NTNU, Norway

PERSEUS Doctoral programme aims to educate top-level researchers contributing to solve societal challenges within the areas of energy, healthcare, manufacturing, mobility, and ocean-based technology, through the use of digital technologies.

Here you can find the PERSEUS PhD scholarships information like open call, documents required and other details.

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PERSEUS PhD Scholarships NTNU Norway

Available Opportunities

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PERSEUS is a collaboration between NTNU – Norway’s largest university, 11 top-level academic partners in 8 European countries, and 8 industrial partners within sectors of high societal relevance.

Features of the PERSEUS PhD Scholarships

  • Duration of PhD employment: 36 months
  • Salary: Starting gross salary is 482.200 NOK/year (equal to approx. 47.500 EUR/year by the exchange rate of May 2021)
  • you will work alongside other highly motivated and talented PhD candidates and researchers.
  • You will also have access to the knowledge base, state-of-the-art research infrastructure and impact orientation of the partners in the team.
  • In addition to your education and development within the thematic research area, you will gain transferable skills within project development and management, science communication, research ethics, innovation and entrepreneurial thinking as well as basic university didactics.
  • As a PERSEUS PhD candidate, you will be employed by NTNU. During your stay, you have the opportunity to a 2-3 month international stay and 1-2 month national stay with one of the PERSEUS partners.

Eligibility for the PERSEUS PhD Scholarships

We are looking for PhD candidates from all nationalities, who want to contribute to our quest to create knowledge for a better world. PERSEUS recruit candidates according to EU’s mobility rule, meaning that applicants cannot have spent more than 12 months in Norway during the last 3 years.

Documents Required for Application

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Selection Process PERSEUS PhD Scholarships

The program will have its first call (for 25 vacancies) for applicants with deadline in September 2021 and the first cohort of PhD students will start in January 2022. Successful candidates will be enrolled in the Faculty’s doctoral program and employed at NTNU.

Call 2 will open in August 2022, with application deadline in September 2022, and start of the doctoral programme for Call 2 projects will be January 2023.

Application CallAug – Sep 21 (Call 1)
Aug – Sep 22 (Call 2)
Interview Oct – Nov 21 (Call 1)
Oct – Nov 22 (Call 2)
ApprovalDec 21 (Call 1)
Dec 22 (Call 2)
Start of the EmploymentJan – Feb 22 (Call 1)
Jan – Feb 23 (Call 2)

About the PERSEUS PhD Scholarships

The PERSEUS Doctoral Programme (DP) aims at fostering the training of highly skilled doctoral researchers in thematic areas of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, Digital Twins, Internet of Things, Extended Reality and Information and Cyber Security. The thematic areas are linked to the verticals of the national importance to Norway: energy, healthcare, manufacturing, mobility and ocean-based technologies. 

PERSEUS DP aims to pursue transformative research on design, development and application of digital technologies along the strategic business sectors in Norway. The project will embed a set of digital skills and transferable skills, adopt interdisciplinary and intersectoral approach and explore opportunities presented by national and international partners from academia and industry to prepare the top-level researchers who contribute to smart, safe and sustainable future. The transferable skills will be developed via substantial training modules, specifically by project development and management, communicating science, research ethics, innovation and entrepreneurial thinking and basic university didactics and further enhanced by planned seminars and workshops. The visits to large-scale infrastructure facilities and interdisciplinary laboratories as well as participation in the national and international projects at NTNU and the partner organisations is an integral part of the PERSEUS concept.

The Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering at NTNU will lead and implement the PERSEUS DP together with its carefully selected (11) academic and (8) industrial partners. PERSEUS is a 5-year program applying for 40 PhD position of 36 months each in two calls over the program period. It will be based on an open, transparent and merit-based selection process where aspiring researchers from any nationality will be encouraged to apply.

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