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Agenda 2030 Graduate School – Sustainable Development

The 2030 Agenda is the United Nations framework for sustainable development signed by the world’s nations to end extreme poverty, reduce inequalities, solve the climate crisis, promote peace and equity and much more. Lund University aspires to be a part of the sustainable solution and has therefore initiated a graduate school focusing on societal challenges and the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development.

To achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, research has several important roles: to identify challenges and conflicting objectives, contribute with new solutions, generate dialogue and learning between different societal stakeholders and to critically analyse the goals. 

Vision of the Agenda 2030 Graduate School at Lund University

a world-class, interdisciplinary and innovative graduate school that

  • educates world-leading scientists who can address the multiple challenges inherent in the Sustainable Development Goals and
  • contributes to advancing the sustainability research and knowledge of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

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Sustainability at Lund University

Through the creation and dissemination of scientific and artistic knowledge we can make the most significant difference to solving the global challenges. We also strive to be a sustainable organisation. This means that we are to offer a good, secure, safe and accessible work environment and that we are to be a resource-efficient organisation with a minimised impact on climate and the environment. We see gender equality, equal opportunities and diversity as strengths.

About Lund University

Agenda 2030 Graduate School blog

Lund University Agenda 2030 Graduate School is a global, cutting-edge research school and collaboration platform for issues related to societal challenges, sustainability and the 2030 Agenda. The 17 PhD students from all faculties at Lund University enrolled with the Agenda 2030 Graduate School relate their specific research topics to the Sustainable Development Goals. In this Agenda 2030 Graduate School blog the PhD students of the Graduate School discuss topical research and societal issues related to the 2030 Agenda.

Vacancies – Agenda 2030 Graduate School, Lund University

  • Post-doctoral position in Building Services within Agenda 2030 and sustainable development ()
  • Doctoral position in Humanities and Theology within the Agenda 2030 Graduate School ()
  • 2 Doctoral positions in social resilience for the Agenda 2030 Graduate School ()
  • Doctoral student in Mechanical Engineering Sciences with focus on Sustainable Circular Economy (Agenda 2030 Graduate School) ()
  • PhD student Agenda 2030 in clinical infection medicine ()
  • Doctoral student in legal science for the Agenda 2030 Graduate School - Sweden ()
  • Doctoral student - Economic History, Business Law and Administration - Agenda 2030 ()
  • Postdoc fellowships: A circular building sector: Policies and regulations ()
  • Doctoral student in Immunotechnology with focus on immunology and psychological resilience ()
  • Doctoral student in Environmental Science - Sweden ()
  • PhD studentship in artistic research in the subject Theatre ()
  • PostDoctoral Researcher in Environmental Psychology - Agenda 2030 ()
  • PhD student in Environmental Psychology - Agenda 2030 ()
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