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Aarhus BSS PhD Scholarships Denmark

Aarhus University Business and Social Sciences Graduate School invites applications for admission to the PhD programme with fully-funded scholarships.

Aarhus BSS Graduate School invites applications twice a year for admission to the PhD degree programme. These calls include a number of PhD positions in the areas of business and social sciences and openings in areas of special priority. In general the Graduate School receives approximately 350 applications per application round and approximately 10% of the applicants are offered enrolment.

Features of the Aarhus BSS PhD Scholarships

The school offers international and high level PhD programmes that qualify you for a career both within academia as well as the private and public sector.

A number of PhD positions are available within the following areas of business and social sciences:


There are two different ways of financing:

  1. a faculty scholarship from Aarhus BSS Graduate School
  2. external financing

A combination of the above mentioned types of financing is also possible.

In case of external financing you must provide documentation for coverage of the educational costs as well as for an income sufficient to cover the cost of living during the PhD education.

Educational costs of enrolment

  • Tuition fee (tuition fee covers the costs associated with courses, supervision, evaluation, assessment of the dissertation, defense, etc.): DKK 104.200,00 per year for three years [updated on 2022]
  • Overhead (overhead covers the indirect costs associated with a  PhD project, i.e. costs which are not directly attributed to the specific project such as rent, heating, electricity, cleaning, administration, library, etc.): 44% of tuition fee [Updated on 2022]

If you have any questions regarding the financing of your PhD education, please contact Aarhus BSS Graduate School.

Eligibility for the Fellowships

You can read more about how to apply in the application guide and find the rules and regulations of the PhD education here.

The following criteria are decisive in the assessment of the candidates:

  • the applicant’s academic qualifications (assessed on the basis of the qualifying degree)
  • the quality and relevance of the project proposal
  • the applicant’s level of academic aptitude and assessed ability to complete the project within the framework of the PhD programme

You can read more about the assessment procedure and committees appointed by the dean here. Please note that for applications to the programme for Psychology and Behavioural Science, the criteria for assessment are specified here

Documents Required for Application

  • The application (including all attached documentation) must be written in Danish or English.
  • The application must include the documentation outlined below according to the scheme you wish to apply to.
  • All documents must be in pdf-format.
  • All documentation (including references) you want assessed as part of your application, must be received by the Graduate School no later than the application deadline.
  • No documentation for language skills are required.
  • To learn more about the content of the different schemes please see PhD degree structure.
  • Apply only to one PhD programme. If the Graduate School finds that your application applies better to another PhD programme your application will be assessed by the relevant committee there.
  •  If you have any questions regarding the application process please see frequently asked questions or contact us at the Graduate School.

Applicants are very much encouraged to supply documentation as to how they rank compared to their class (both bachelor and master degrees) if the entrance exams are from a foreign university. This may for example be in form of a letter from the university stating that either how you rank as an individual compared to other students (“ranks as no. 6 out of 111” or “ranks as among the best 8 percent”) or if that is not possible then general information from the university as to how grades were distributed the year of your graduation will be appreciated. 

The Graduate School reserves the right to reject any applications which do not include the mandatory documentation or live up to the limitations stated below.

Selection Process Fellowships

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