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1 Mid Sweden University Job Vacancies - April, 2023

PhD student in Environmental Science (Specialization Social Science)

Department of natural science, design and sustainable developmentThe department is located on both Campus Östersund and Campus Sundsvall, where we educate and conduct research within the department's ...

Listed: Mar 10, 2023
Deadline: Apr 04, 2023

Mid Sweden University

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Mid Sweden University (Mittuniversitetet) is a Swedish state university located in the region around the geographical center of Sweden, with two campuses in the cities of Östersund and Sundsvall. A meeting place for knowledge, cooperation and new ideas. Offers a range of high-quality international programmes taught in English.

World University Rankings of Mid Sweden University

The world university rankings published by EduRank, QS, THE, and Shanghai

EduRank Rankings 2023

The Mid Sweden University College ranked 15th in Sweden, 1365th in the global 2023 rating, and scored in the TOP 50% across 38 research topics. Ranking is based on 3 factors: research output (EduRank's index has 4,702 publications and 127,575 citations attributed to the university), non-academic reputation, and the impact of 21 notable alumni.

  • Engineering #1336/4624 [#12/28 in Sweden]
  • Liberal Arts & Social Sciences #892/5073 [#16/29 in Sweden]
  • Medicine #1285/4739 [#13/29 in Sweden] 
  • Business #783/4001 [#14 in Sweden]
  • Chemistry #1770/4317 [#14 in Sweden]
  • Computer Science #1419/4392 [#22 in Sweden]
  • Physics #1630/4082 [#13 in Sweden]
  • Biology #2206/4496 [#17 in Sweden]
  • Psychology #958/3654 [#15 in Sweden]
  • Environmental Science #1149/4023 [#13 in Sweden]
  • Economics #1126/3039 [#15 in Sweden]
  • Arts & Design #1110/2700 [#19 in Sweden]

GRAS Subject Ranking [2022]

Top Global Ranking of Academic Subjects by the Mid Sweden University published by ShanghaiRanking

  • Nursing #201-300
  • Hospitality & Tourism Management #151-200