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SLU PhD Position – Biology, Specialisation in Ecology, Sweden, Jan 2022


The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) invites applications for a Ph.D. position that will explore how harvesting and removal of reed affects the associated ecosystem, mainly fish, submerged plants (macrophytes) and birds, at the Department of Aquatic Resources, Sweden – Jan 2022

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General Info

Position: PhD Position
No. of Positions: 1
Research Field: , , , ,
Deadline to Apply: Expired
Joining Date: May 01, 2022
Contract Period: 4 Years
Salary: According to Standard Norms

Department of Aquatic Resources
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Sweden


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Qualification Details

We are looking for a person with a master's degree in biology (especially ecology), agronomy, environmental science, sustainable development or similar. Good knowledge of biology (ecology/agronomy) is absolutely necessary, and the work requires a systems perspective with the ability to envision the larger context of results. Experience of working in a laboratory, practical work with animals, or fieldwork in marine-limnic environments is meriting. Experience in GIS and lifecycle analysis is also an advantage.

Demonstrated independent scientific work, experience of working in research groups, and skills in Excel and R-programming is also meriting. The applicant must show evidence of good oral and written English. Driver’s license is a prerequisite for being able to carry out the field studies, and preferably the applicant has experience of boat driving (certificate or similar).

Responsibilities/Job Description

Ecosystem effects of reed as feed for husbandry animals


Due to high nutrient loading and reduced grazing, reeds have expanded along coasts and lakes. This project will explore how harvesting and removal of reed affects the associated ecosystem, mainly fish, submerged plants (macrophytes) and birds. The project also intends to investigate the quality of harvested reed as a feed for husbandry animals (cows and horses), as a way to recirculate nutrients from the sea and lakes back into animal production.

The project is broad and includes a combination of fieldwork, laboratory studies, and experiments with cows and horses. Field studies will examine how fish, macrophytes and birds respond to reed harvesting and removal. Nutritional content of reeds will be evaluated in laboratory studies, and feed utilization will be studied in experiments with cows and horses. An important aspect of the project is the systems perspective in which the individual results will be put into a larger context of nutrient recycling, feed production and ecosystem status.

How to Apply?

Application Method: Online Application
Ref. No.: SLU.ua.2022.2.5.1-1

Application Procedure

We welcome your application no later than 2022-01-31, use the button below.

A person has basic eligibility for third cycle education if he or she has taken a second cycle qualification or has completed course requirements of at least 240 higher education credits, including at least 60 higher education credits at second cycle education. Upper secondary school grades equivalent to English B/English 6 are a basic requirement.

Selection among applicants meeting the requirements is made with reference to written application including curriculum vitae, copies of degrees and transcripts of academic records, one copy of the dissertation for masters degree, a list of at least two references familiar with the applicant's qualifications (with name, relation to candidate, email and phone number), certified knowledge of the English language and an interview.

Please observe that applicant/s chosen to participate in an interview shall hand in certified true copies of certificates, diplomas and transcripts from previous studies at an internationally recognized higher education institution (university or university college) and transcripts in connection to the interview. If the applicant is a foreign citizen we require a certified copy of the page in your passport with your personal data and photography.

Read about the PhD education at SLU at www.slu.se/en/education/postgraduate-studies/

About the Department

Department of Aquatic Resources

Do you want to work in an inspiring environment and contribute to the sustainable use of our seas, lakes and watercourses? We at the Department of Aquatic Resources (SLU Aqua) are passionate about our vision of "strong fish stocks in healthy waters". We are growing, and looking for employees who want to develop and make a difference together with us.

Welcome to visit us at www.slu.se/aquaticresources!

About the Employer:


  • Place of work: Uppsala
  • Form of employment: Employment as PhD-student for 4 years.
  • Starting date: 1 may 2022 (or by agreement).

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Contact details

Örjan Östman
+46 (0)10-478 4153
firstname.lastnam[email protected]

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