Senior researcher in stem cell signaling in pathophysiology and regenerative medicine at Karolinska Institute, Sweden 2022



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Senior researcher in stem cell signaling in pathophysiology and regenerative medicine at Department of Laboratory Medicine, Karolinska Institute, Sweden 2022

Qualification Details

Senior researchers are those who, in addition to having completed a doctoral degree or equivalent scientific competence, have demonstrated scientific excellence. The applicant must be a research leader and have an established line of research of his/her own. In addition, the applicant must have a proven track record of high quality scientific output, with particular reference to the last six years, have the potential to drive the research forward vigorously and be nationally and internationally recognised. The applicant should also have long-term and good preferably external funding and have demonstrated the potential to obtain further external funding. The candidate should have good leadership skills and proven teaching experience in the following areas:

  • Supervision of doctoral students and post-doctoral fellows
  • Teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate level
  • Organisation of postgraduate courses

Assessment criteria

For employment as a senior researcher at Karolinska Institutet, the eligibility requirements and assessment criteria set out in the rules for non-teaching positions apply in relation to the established employment profile. The position requires that the applicant has:
  • An established line of research in stem cell biology and regenerative medicine with high quality peer-reviewed publications in highly ranked scientific journals
  • Proven experience in running research projects and attracting external funding
  • Experience of teaching at associate professor level to undergraduate and postgraduate students
  • Excellent ability to communicate in English (written and oral)
It is an advantage if the candidate has:
  • Experience in developing innovative techniques and methods for studying cell signalling
  • Proven experience in organising courses at graduate level
  • Experience in communicating and participating in interactions with the wider community, e.g. news media and popular science
As a person, we would like you to be collaborative, driven, proactive and solution-oriented. It is on the basis of an overall assessment of the applicants' merits and skills that Karolinska Institutet judges which of the applicants has the best potential to contribute to the positive development of the organisation. In this recruitment process, we attach great importance to personal qualities.

Responsibilities/Job Description

Researchers and teachers within the Pathology division participate in a majority of KI's educational programs in medicine, biomedicine, biomedical analysis, dentistry, nursing, and doctoral education, where they teach students in pathology, pathophysiology, immunopathology and cytology. Your mission We are looking for a Senior Researcher who will contribute to and develop our translational research in stem cell biology and regenerative medicine and teaching activities at the Division of Pathology. Specifically, we are interested to strengthen our division with expertise in electrochemical signaling stem cell biology and regenerative medicine. The applicant is expected to establish a new research area at the department including development of cutting-edge technologies in imaging and cell signaling. The applicant is furthermore expected to organize and teach advanced courses at the department such as at the PhD-level. The investigations are encouraged to range from pre-clinical basic studies to therapeutical applications in translational projects as well as exploring novel horizons in pathophysiology.

How to Apply?

Application Method: online_applicationRef. No. STÖD 2-4298/2022

Application Procedure

We prefer that your application is written in English, but you may also apply in Swedish. An application must contain the following documents:

  • Resumé
  • Qualifications
  • Description of planned research
presented in accordance with Karolinska Institutet's qualifications portfolio.

About the Department/Section/Group

The Department of Laboratory Medicine consists of seven divisions and is active in many areas of Laboratory Medicine. The department is involved in advanced basic scientific, clinical and epidemiological research. The Division of Pathology is a part to the Department of Laboratory Medicine at Karolinska Institutet. The division is closely linked to the Clinical Pathology and Cancer Diagnostics unit at the Karolinska University Hospital and conducts high-quality preclinical and translational pathology research with focus on cancer, inflammatory diseases, and regenerative medicine. Read about The Department of Laboratory Medicine Read about The Division of Pathology

Note or Other details

A creative and inspiring environment with wide-ranging expertise and interests. Karolinska Institutet is one of the world's leading medical universities. Our vision is to pursue the development of knowledge about life and to promote a better health for all. At Karolinska Institutet, we conduct successful medical research and hold the largest range of medical education in Sweden. Karolinska Institutet is a state university, which entitles to several benefits such as extended holiday and generous occupational pension. Employees also have access to our modern gym for free and receive reimbursements for medical care. Plats: Flemingsberg

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