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Senior LecturerPosition in German – Lund University, Oct 2022


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The Lund University, Faculty of Engineering invites applications for a Senior Lecture will belong to the German unit within Section 4 of the Centre for Languages and Literature (SOL), Sweden – Oct 2022

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General Info

Position: Senior lecturer
No. of Positions: 1
Research Field:
Joining Date: ASAP
Contract Period: Subject to Norms
Salary: Subject to norms

Faculties of Humanities and Theology
Lund University, Lund, Sweden

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Qualification Details

  • a PhD or equivalent research expertise or other professional expertise of relevance to the subject matter of the post, i.e. German, and the work duties that it will involve demonstrated teaching expertise
  • at least five weeks of training in teaching and learning in higher education or have acquired equivalent expertise by other means
  • very good written and oral knowledge and skills in German and Swedish
  • documented and solid experience of teaching and supervision in German specialising in linguistics at university level.

Assessment criteria

  • the degree of research, teaching, administrative and other expertise of value to the subject matter and work duties of the post as well as other personal skills of relevance to perform the duties successfully
  • a good national and international standing as a researcher. The requirement for international experience shall be assessed with consideration to the character and traditions of the subject
  • good teaching expertise, including a good ability to conduct, develop and lead educational activities at different levels and using a variety of teaching methods
  • an ability to participate in the supervision of doctoral students, leading to a PhD
  • an ability to cooperate with wider society and communicate their activities
  • a good general ability to lead and develop activities

Equal attention shall be given to the assessment of teaching expertise and research expertise.

Desirable qualifications in descending order

  • documented prior experience of teaching contrastive grammar specialising in Swedish – German
  • documented collaboration skills and the ability to teach in teams
  • documented prior experience of online teaching and the development of online courses

Responsibilities/Job Description

Workplace description

The successful applicant will belong to the German unit within Section 4 of the Centre for Languages and Literature (SOL) at Lund University. This unit offers first-cycle courses in German from beginner's courses up to the Bachelor’s level. The Master's level currently offers courses with a specialisation in literary studies, and a linguistic specialisation is being developed. There is a third-cycle programme, although the subject currently has no active doctoral students. However, recruitment is under way.

Within German with a specialisation in linguistics at the Centre for Languages and Literature, research is conducted on grammar with a focus on contrastively relevant grammatical phenomena. The relationship between temporal and spatial conceptual structures and their linguistic representation is being investigated, as well as nominal aspect, the latter also in the context of translation studies. Other translation research is also being conducted, including research on the translation of verbal categories such as tense and participles. Our literary research in the subject of German mainly focuses on fiction theory and narrative theory issues, often on diachronic changes and fiction-specific narrative styles, but also on intermedial issues, and we also do research on contemporary German literature.

Work duties

The successful applicant’s work will primarily involve teaching, course development and supervision in the subject of German specialising in linguistics in the first-cycle programme, but corresponding teaching in the Master’s and PhD programmes may also be included. The successful applicant is expected to have broad and solid knowledge of German linguistics and the knowledge and ability required to teach courses and to supervise degree projects in German linguistics, including grammar, translation, linguistic analysis and language acquisition.

The position largely consists of teaching language courses (both written and oral) at different levels. Contrastive grammar and lexicology (Swedish – German) constitute essential parts of the written course components. Teaching in the translation programme may also be part of the position. The successful applicant must therefore have very good knowledge of both Swedish and German. Teaching language learning in the teacher training programme, technical language courses and distance education may also occur. Some evening teaching may be required. Teaching constitutes a maximum of 70% of a full-time position for a senior lecturer at Lund University.

Regarding research, the successful applicant is expected to have relevant qualifications in German linguistics (particularly contrastive grammar, but translation studies and language teaching are also suitable research areas). We welcome additional relevant theoretical and methodological expertise. A senior lecturer at Lund University has at least 20% of their employment set aside for research.

The successful applicant is expected to take part in meetings in the unit and in the section, and to take an active part in the work on the development and quality assurance of the subject, including its research and PhD programme.

How to Apply?

Application Method: Online Application
Ref. No.: PA2022/1598

Application Procedure

The application must conform to the instructions that can be downloaded The applicant is responsible for making sure that the application is complete, in accordance with the vacancy announcement and instructions, and for submitting it to the University by the application deadline through the recruitment portal.

The Academic Appointments Board normally selects a shortlist of applicants. This selection can be done in one or several steps and if needed with the help of external experts. The applicants who are selected for external assessment may be invited to submit physical copies of the papers that they wish to submit for expert assessment within 14 days.

About the Department/Section/Group

The Joint Faculties of the Humanities and Theology have eight departments and carries out large and varied work within research and education with the purpose to understand people as cultural and social beings. The faculties have around 700 employees and around 4000 students.

The Centre for Languages and Literature at Lund University (SOL) is Sweden’s largest university department for languages, linguistics, literature and area studies. SOL provides a wide range of freestanding courses complemented with an increasing number of first and second cycle degree programmes. Housing 33 subjects and roughly the same number of PhD programmes, SOL is a solid foundation for broad and deep education and research, characterised by national and international visibility. SOL is managed by a board chaired by the Head of Department. The management also includes two assistant heads of department with special areas of responsibility. More than 250 people are employed and around 3 000 students, including around 100 PhD students, conduct their studies at SOL.

About the Employer: Lund University, Sweden

Note or Other details

The University applies individual salary-setting.

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Contact details

  • Sofia Kvarnbo, Faculty Coordinator, [email protected]
  • Marianna Smaragdi, Assistant Head of Department,
  • Fabian Beijer, Head of Section,

Union representative

  • OFR/ST:Fackförbundet ST:s kansli, 046-2229362
  • SACO:Saco-s-rådet vid Lunds universitet, 046-2229364

Advertisement Details: Senior Lecturer in German (50%)

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