Senior Lecturer job in Product and Production development

Mälardalen University (MDH)


Mälardalen University invites applications for Senior Lecturer in the area of product- and production development, at the School of Innovation, Design and Engineering, Sweden

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General Info

Position: Senior Lecturer
No. of Positions: 1
Research Field: , ,
Deadline to Apply: Expired
Joining Date: ASAP
Contract Period: Permanent position
Salary: According to Standard Norms

School of Innovation, Design and Engineering
Mälardalen University
Mälardalen University (MDH)

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Qualification Details

We are looking for you who are an active researcher with a track record that includes the implementation of research projects and publications in relevant journals and/or conferences in the field. In addition, we expect you to have experience of having contributed to identify future research opportunities and have a strong interest in collaborating with relevant external industrial parties.

The qualification requirements for appointment as a Senior Lecturer are both documented teaching skills and also a degree of Doctor, or equivalent academic competence or other professional qualifications of significance with regard to the subject content of the appointment and the duties included in the appointment.

To be qualified for appointment as a Senior Lecturer the applicant must have demonstrated the academic scientific skills and teaching abilities required for the appointment. Academic skills may also have been demonstrated by the ability to achieve results in research through cooperation in joint projects of benefit to academia and industry/the public sector/society in general and through the ability to disseminate research.

The assessment of teaching skills shall apply to the planning, carrying out and evaluation of teaching as well as supervision and examination. Teaching skills shall be well documented in such a way that their quality can also be assessed.

The applicant should have completed ten weeks of training in higher education teaching and learning, or have otherwise acquired equivalent knowledge. A person appointed as a Senior Lecturer but lacking training in higher education teaching and learning will be offered in-house training during the first year. The course in higher education teaching and learning at Mälardalen University corresponds to ten weeks of training.

Assessment criteria

The university strives to employ those who, after a qualitative overall assessment of competences and skills, are estimated to have the best conditions to carry out and develop the duties, and to be best able to contribute to a positive development of the organisation. The assessment criteria shall be based on the degree of skills required for the appointment. In general terms these assessment criteria shall include the ability to cooperate as well as the ability and suitability otherwise required to fulfil the duties well.

The same attention shall be paid to the assessment of teaching skills as to the assessment of academic skills. When assessing the scientific skills, special emphasis is given to research merits within product- and production development using methods  like simulation, applied operations analysis and/or artificial intelligence. For assessment of teaching skills, importance is given to broad and deep pedagogical ability in undergraduate education in the same area, especially in supply chains and quality technology.

As reference for assessment is also communication skills and the ability to create and initiate dialogue with companies and other external partners. The applicant must be able to provide references that support the abilities needed for the position.

Decisive importance is attached to personal suitability. We value the qualities that an even distribution of age and gender, as well as ethnic and cultural diversity, can contribute to the organisation.


  • Documented experience of planning, implementation and development of courses, course modules and programs at basic and advanced level
  • Administrative skills, experience of academic leadership and project management.
  • Experience of applying for and obtaining external research funding.
  • Ability to develop research activities in collaboration with colleagues and the surrounding society.
  • Experience of international collaborations in research and education, including supervision.
  • Industrial experience will also be considered a merit.

All qualifications must be documented so that both quality and scope can be assessed

Responsibilities/Job Description

Mälardalen University is recruiting a senior lecturer in the area of product- and production development with focus on industrial systems. Product- and production development is a broad interdisciplinary area based on mechanical engineering that among others includes modeling, product- and process development, operational analysis, production systems, supply chains and business strategies as well as management.

Today, large parts of the area under the collective term Industry 4.0 are being digitized, and the resulting industrial systems have the potential to significantly increase efficiency, productivity and sustainability. Core competencies in Industry 4.0 come from industrial technology and computer science and include automation and decision-making in industrial systems and processes based on methods from large-scale data analysis, AI, IoT, modeling, simulation and optimization of industrial systems. This position relates directly to our research and education in the field, which is of strategic importance for MDH and Swedish industry.

This employment is of interest for you who work with research and education in Industry 4.0 or related areas and want to apply your knowledge in the exciting area of ​​product- and production development. At MDH, you get the opportunity to teach the engineers of the future and develop your area of ​​expertise together with a large team of prominent researchers in CPS, AI and production who work with robotics, logistics, process control and manufacturing systems. We work closely with our external partners to create unique cutting-edge solutions based on the latest developments and we have leading expertise in for example expert systems, vision systems, optimization and machine learning. Today, there are about 130 senior researchers and 100 doctoral students at IDT.

As senior lecturer, you will be involved in both research, research supervision and teaching at undergraduate, advanced and postgraduate level, as well as for professionals. Teaching includes course responsibility, examination and course administration as well as supervision of doctoral students. We expect our university lecturers to work actively with the development of students' learning, and that they participate actively in collaboration with other teachers in the team. The position also includes keeping up to date with developments in the area and relevant societal developments in general. The employment may in the long run include management assignments or administrative assignments such as program- and development responsibilities for existing and future programs at basic and advanced level.

The work also includes participation in outreach activities through publications in scientific journals and interaction with society. Furthermore, you are expected to contribute to the development of strategic initiatives, both at the university and together with strategic partners. It is an advantage if you want to participate in expanding our work to establish research or educational collaboration with foreign universities. Internationalization as well as sustainability and gender equality are among our important strategic focus areas.

How to Apply?

Online Application through "Apply Now" Button from this page or from advertisement webpage (URL below)

Reference Number: 2021/1434
(If any, use it in the necessary place)

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Documents Required

The scientific publications that you do not have in digital form are to be sent by post in three copies to:

Mälardalen University
Division of Human Resources 2021/1434
Box 883721 23

About the Department

At the School of Innovation, Design and Engineering our students are studying to be for example innovators, entrepreneurs, illustrators, communications officers, network technicians and engineers. Here we have the research specialisations of Embedded Systems, and Innovation and Product Realisation. Our work takes place in cooperation with and in strategic agreements with companies, organisations and public authorities in the region.

About the Employer: Mälardalen University (MDH)

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Contact details

Markus Bohlin
Head of Division/Avdelningschef
016-15 32 95

Michaël Le Duc
Union representative SACO
+46 (0) 21 10 14 02

Susanne Meijer
Union representative (OFR)
+46 (0) 21 10 14 89

Advertisement Details: Senior Lecturer in the area of product- and production development with focus on industrial systems

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