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Senior lecturer in Business Administration with a specialisation in project management – Karlstad University, Sweden, 2022


Senior lecturer in Business Administration with a specialisation in project management at Karlstad Business School, Karlstad University, Sweden, 2022

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General Info

Position: Senior lecturer
No. of Positions: 1
Research Field:
Deadline to Apply: Expired
Joining Date: ASAP
Contract Period: Permanent
Salary: According to standard norms

Karlstad Business School

Karlstad University (KAU), Sweden


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Qualification Details

To be eligible for the position of senior lecturer, applicants are required to have demonstrated teaching expertise. Beyond that, a Degree of Doctor or equivalent academic expertise in Business Administration or Psychology, or equivalent professional qualifications deemed relevant to the nature of the position and the duties included therein. Examples of such are expertise in communication and leadership.

The work requires proficiency in spoken and written Swedish and English, as courses are taught in both languages. If the applicant lacks proficiency in either language, the ability to acquire these skills is required.

In order to reinforce the subject, you must be qualified to work in a broader capacity with management, leadership and organisation, and have teaching and research expertise (or a strong interest) related to organisation theory and leadership in relation to diversity, sustainability and gender. 

Pursuant to Karlstad University’s Appointments Procedure, teachers must have the personal qualities required to perform the duties involved, as well as a completed course in higher education pedagogy.

In special circumstances, the course in higher education pedagogy may be completed within two years of employment. For other eligibility requirements, please refer to Karlstad University’s Appointments Procedure: https://www.kau.se/files/2022-02/Anstallningsordning201126.pdf.

Assessment criteria

In the assessment of research and teaching expertise, special weight will be given to teaching expertise. Teaching expertise will be assessed based on the ability to plan, conduct and evaluate teaching as well as the ability to supervise and assess students. The applicant should be a qualified and experienced teacher, with both interest in and talent for student-centred and process-oriented teaching of both on-campus courses and distance courses. Special weight will also be given to documented work experience related to project management or management.

Considerable weight will be given to administrative skills and leadership qualities. Considerable weight will also be given to personal qualities such as the ability to cooperate, communicate and take initiative, as well as commitment to the work and the ability to collaborate with the wider community.

Considerable weight will also be given to the having sound judgement, taking responsibility and a positive and gender-equal approach towards colleagues and students.

Management experience is a valuable qualification. Experience in contract education or practical experience in project management is also a valuable qualification.

Responsibilities/Job Description

Main duties are primarily supervising, examining and teaching bachelor’s and master’s courses and degree programmes. The languages of instruction are Swedish and English, and teaching is mainly conducted within the fields of project management, leadership, communication and group development. You may also be required to teach other aspects of business administration, however. You will be part of a highly cooperative team, where jointly creating course material and teaching methods is a fundamental part of the process.You are expected to collaborate with the wider community, as well as work towards a mutual exchange and to ensure that the knowledge and expertise available at the university is of benefit to society.

In order to contribute to a positive working environment and help further the subject’s activities, we expect you to be a present and active part of the day-to-day operations and workplace community. 

How to Apply?

Application Method: Online Application
Ref. No.: REK2022/150

Application Procedure

  • CV
  • cover letter
  • an in-depth account of teaching experience
  • verification of a completed course in higher education pedagogy or an account of equivalent skills
  • an in-depth account of research experience
  • an account of other experiences
  • an account of managerial and administrative experience
  • plans for future work
  • an account of collaborations, experience in international networks, employment, etc.
  • a list of publications (in multi-authored publications, the role of the applicant must be specified)
  • an account of language skills copies of course transcripts, degree certificates, and other certificates
  • no more than 10 scientific publications and no more than 5 materials intended to convey knowledge, such as textbooks, computer programs for teaching, or popular science articles
  • include two references, at least one of which is a current or previous supervisor.

Attach all the documents and publications you wish to be considered to the electronic application (do not just provide links). Name each uploaded document to clearly indicate its content. Documents that cannot be submitted electronically, such as books or publications, should be sent in triplicate to the following address:

Karlstads universitet
HR-administratör Josefin Rönnqvist

About the Department/Section/Group

Karlstad Business School, inaugurated in 2009, comprises Working Life Science, Business Administration, Information Systems, Law, Economics, and Statistics. Business Administration comprises Accounting, Marketing, Industrial Engineering and Management and Service Management. Courses and degree programmes on all levels have a strong basis in research conducted by both individual subjects as well as interdisciplinary research groups. Education and research related to leadership and project management is important in a business school. Project Management, which is a part of Industrial engineering and management, comprises approximately eight people, of which three are senior lecturers and the rest are lecturers. At the core of the education activities is a master’s programme, given both as distance education and on-campus education. Project Management is also a part of a large number of other degree programmes and is also cooperating with several subjects and departments at the university. The team is also active in Karlstad University Professional Services Ltd, where they provide tailor-made course in various aspects of project management, aimed at commerce and industry and other organisations.

The courses and programmes are characterised by a very successful educational concept, based on close cooperation between the teachers and experience-based teaching. The courses and programmes have many applicants and consistently receive high praise from students and alumni. Focus is on projects in the working life, i.e. temporary forms of organisation of varying degrees of formalisation. Several perspectives are included. Such perspectives are the role of project work in modern organisations, management of individual projets, high-performing teams, group development and project-related leadership and cooperation. The courses and programmes in project management are not tied to a specific industry or discipline, and attract students from many fields, many of whom are employed in various lines of work.

About the Employer:

Note or Other details

In case of a prolonged recruitment process, the position will be filled temporarily. Selection is made among the applicants. In your application, please state whether the temporary appointment is of interest to you.

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Contact details

Martin Grimberg Löfgren, prefekt Handelshögskolan, 054-7001975,[email protected]

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