Postdoc or Researcher Position in Aarhus University Denmark

Researcher positions in Tenure Track Greenland Marine Coastal Ecology at Department of Ecoscience at Aarhus University, Denmark Mar-2022


Researcher positions in Tenure Track within the field of Greenland Marine Coastal Ecology and biodiversity with internationally strong research profile within marine ecology and solid research experience working on Greenland and Arctic marine ecosystems is available at Department of Ecoscience – Marine Ecology at Aarhus University, Denmark March-2022

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General Info

Position: Researcher
No. of Positions: 1+
Research Field: , , ,
Deadline to Apply: Expired
Joining Date: 1 August 2022
Contract Period: Subject to Norms
Salary: According to standard norms

Department of Ecoscience

Aarhus University (AU), Denmark


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Qualification Details

The candidates should have an internationally strong research profile within marine ecology and solid research experience working on Greenland and Arctic marine ecosystems. We expect the candidates to have a background in biology or similar, with a focus on Arctic climate change.

Research areas of special interest include marine biodiversity, ecosystem and population ecology, biogeochemistry, and productivity of Arctic coastal areas related to the changing cryosphere. The candidates should demonstrate experience studying the diverse impacts of a warming climate on the organisms and biogeochemical cycling of the coastal ecosystems in Greenland.

We expect in-depth experience in several of the following areas:

  • Coastal marine biogeochemistry
  • Physiology and distribution of Arctic marine organisms
  • Organizing and conducting fieldwork campaigns in the Arctic
  • Management and analysis of large datasets
  • Designing and conducting ecological experiments
  • Attracting external research funding
  • International collaboration

The candidate should have completed at least 2 years of postdoc positions, and held at least one position in a different institute than where they have performed their Ph.D. Additionally, we expect a solid theoretical and practical background and proven experience in organizing and demonstrating excellent scientific leadership, including leading multidisciplinary research projects in the Arctic. Strong collaborative as well as research management skills are required as is an extensive international network. A documented track record of attracting substantial external funding is essential. The applicant is expected to have proven experience with supervising students and collaborate with other groups inside and outside the university. Excellence in both written and spoken English is required, and knowledge of Danish is desirable.

The successful candidate is offered a unique research opportunity to conduct both field and laboratory investigations in an area extremely impacted by climate change and thus high on the international agenda.

Responsibilities/Job Description

The candidate(s) will join the Marine Ecology Section, and is expected to strengthen and expand the department's existing research studying effects of climate change on Greenland’s marine coastal ecosystems and biodiversity. The research strategy should emphasize hypothesis building, planning and execution of experimental work, and field studies. We are looking for candidates with expertise in biogeochemistry, ecology or ecophysiology with the capacity to study climate change in the Arctic from an Earth System perspective. Specifically, work addressing how various climatic drivers impact species distribution, population dynamics, coastal ecosystem structure and function or biogeochemical cycling in Greenland is desired. The department’s research and advisory activities are project-based with a solid tradition in cross-disciplinary research and international collaboration.

How to Apply?

Application Method: Online Application
Ref. No.: 8346

Application Procedure

Shortlisting is used. This means that after the deadline for applications – and with the assistance from the assessment committee chairman, and the assessment committee if necessary, – the head of department selects the candidates to be evaluated. The selection is made on the basis of an assessment of who of the candidates are most relevant considering the requirements of the advertisement. All applicants will be notified within 6 weeks whether or not their applications have been sent to an expert assessment committee for evaluation. The selected applicants will be informed about the composition of the committee and will receive his/her assessment. Once the recruitment process is completed a final letter of rejection is sent to the deselected applicants.

Letter of reference

If you want a referee to upload a letter of reference on your behalf, please state the referee’s contact information when you submit your application. We strongly recommend that you make an agreement with the person in question before you enter the referee’s contact information, and that you ensure that the referee has enough time to write the letter of reference before the application deadline.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to ensure that letters of reference received after the application deadline will be taken into consideration.

About the Department of Ecoscience

The Department of Ecoscience ( is organised under the Faculty of Technical Sciences and studies biology and ecology in all respects. We teach, provide consultancy, regulatory advice and research in biological aspects from bacteria to whales over genes to ecosystems and from basic research to applied biology in nature management and biotechnology. The department is strongly engaged in several Arctic monitoring programs, especially the Greenland Ecosystem Monitoring (GEM), which are central to the research and advisory activities in the department. The Department has approximately 275 staff members, just over 100 working in Roskilde, and from 2022 nearly 175 in Aarhus.

The Section of Marine Biology aims to provide new and better knowledge on how the structure and function of ecosystems react to human-induced changes, such as nutrient loads (eutrophication), climate change and the introduction of non-native/invasive species. The Section monitor the status and changes of ecosystems and provide nature-based solutions to stressed ecosystems in the field of algae cultivation, conservation/restoration of plant societies (seagrass, seaweed forests, etc.). Together with research on biogeochemical turnover, storage of carbon and nutrients, as well as technological developments the activities aims to promote sustainable use of the coastal zone.

About the Employer:

Technical Sciences Tenure Track

Aarhus University offers talented scientists from around the world attractive career perspectives via the Technical Sciences Tenure Track Programme. Highly qualified candidates are appointed as Researcher for a period of six years with the prospect of performance- based advancement to a tenured position as Senior Researcher.

The aim of the Technical Sciences Tenure Track Programme is to:

  • attract outstanding talented individuals that are competitive at an international level
  • to promote the early development of independent research success early in the career of scientists
  • to create transparency in the academic career path

As part of the tenure track position, the candidate is offered:

  • access to research infrastructure
  • capability development, including postgraduate teacher training
  • a mentoring programme
  • support to develop scientific networks and to secure interdisciplinary research at the highest level

As part of the Aarhus University Tenure Track Programme, the University carries out a mid-way evaluation to review the progress of the tenure track candidate after three years, according to the same criteria used in the final tenure review. The final tenure review is conducted after five and a half years. If the review is positive, the candidate will be offered a tenured position as Senior Researcher at Aarhus University.

Please refer to the tenure track guidelines for the tenure review criteria and for the tenure review process.

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Contact details

Mikael K. Sejr, +45 30454314 [email protected] or Head of Marin Section, Per Andersen, +45 20612746, [email protected]

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