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Research position for refugee Ukrainian Scientist at TU/e, Netherlands, Sep 2022

The Netherlands

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Research position for refugee Ukrainian Scientist with PhD in a relevant domain is available at Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences at Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands, Sep 2022

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General Info

Position: Research
No. of Positions: 1
Research Field: ,
Joining Date: ASAP
Contract Period: 1 Year
Salary: Subject to norms

Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences
Eindhoven University of Technology

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Qualification Details

  • This position is specially created to help refugee Ukrainian scientists to continue their research in the Netherlands.
  • PhD in a relevant domain.
  • This position is open to scientists al all levels in their career
  • Ability to conduct high quality academic research, demonstrated for instance by a relevant PhD thesis and/or publication(s).
  • Ability to teach, shown by experience or assistance in teaching and positive evaluations of these teaching efforts.
  • Excellent mastering of the English language, good communication and leadership skills. Note that there is no Dutch language requirement.
  • Be a team player and able to work in a dynamic, interdisciplinary context.

Responsibilities/Job Description

In this position, you carry out scientific research and publish the results with the aim of contributing to the development of scientific knowledge and understanding of part of a particular field of research for the benefit of academic and scientific advancement.

You will work in one of the four research themes of the department of Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences. These themes build on our joint strengths and focus on areas that address important trends in science and society.

Humans and Technology

We understand people, their needs and wishes, their values and capabilities. We investigate how individuals relate to technology and vice versa. We consider this crucial for developing systems and services that are pleasant and understandable, that empower rather than frustrate or threaten us, and that genuinely contribute to health and human welfare. Prioritizing people - from individuals to society at large, is key in responsible development and acceptance of future technologies in almost every application field, be it energy, mobility, health, work, living, learning or entertainment.

Logistics and its interfaces

We know supply chains: from initial sales, support throughout the life cycle of products, and reverse flows of disposed products. Uniquely, we combine all the required expertise to analyze and optimize supply chain functions from acquisition of raw materials to the satisfaction of ultimate consumer demands. Through this integrative, multidisciplinary approach, advanced methodologies, and our intimate relation with the industry we deliver the highest standards in science and an impressive track record of successful implementations.


A Transition towards sustainability is crucial but will only materialize if it is warmly and actively embraced by individuals, companies and governments alike. Our researchers cover multidisciplinary expertise across the full range of individual, industrial and societal stakeholders. Considering the interest and values of all stakeholders, they research, develop and engineer key enabling methodologies and societal innovations that pave the way towards intrinsically rewarding circular economies, sustainable supply chains, and sustainable behavior of firms and of individuals.

Value of Big Data

The amount of data mined in contexts as diverse as industrial processes, health and well-being, and smart cities is growing exponentially. Our researchers and engineers investigate, develop, and implement artificially intelligent systems, not to replace, but to support and enrich human decision making and to help organizations innovate with these data. We take a multidisciplinary perspective, including computer science, operations management, psychology and philosophy, to ensure that privacy, safety and human values play are factored in to extract real value and true insight.

You will also contribute to courses in the Bachelor and Master Programmes of the department of Industrial Engineering and Innovations Sciences and/or supervising Bachelor students for their final project. The specific courses that you may be involved in will depend on your own knowledge and expertise.

How to Apply?

Application Method: Online Application
Ref. No.: V39.5717

Application Procedure

We invite you to submit a complete application by using the 'apply now'-button on this page.The application should include a:

  • Cover letter in which you describe your scientific interests.
  • Curriculum vitae, including a list of your publications and the contact information ofthree references.
  • List of five self-selected ‘best publications’.

We look forward to your application and will screen it as soon as we have received it.Screening will continue until the position has been filled.

About the Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences

The department Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences consists of two Schools. The mission of both Schools is to conduct excellent scientific research in combination with providing excellent education. The School of Industrial Engineering focuses on the design, execution, support and optimization of operational and innovation processes in high-tech business, firms and institutes. It covers disciplines as innovation science, operations management, information systems and organizational psychology. The School of Innovation Sciences investigates how humans and societies bring about technological change, and how technological innovations change society and human behavior. Related disciplines are psychology, human-computer interaction, philosophy, ethics, social economics and history, all in relation with technology.

At the departmental level both Schools combine their research in cross-disciplinary research themes, addressing grand societal challenges, such as Sustainability, the Value of Big Data, Humans & Technology and Logistics with its Interfaces.

The department has more than 110 scientific staff members with about the same amount of PhDs and Postdocs. All permanent staff contributes to teaching in the various BSc and MSc programs of the department, educating around 1300 students each year.

About the Employer: Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), the Netherlands


Conditions of employment

  • A meaningful job in a dynamic and ambitious university with the possibility to present your work at international conferences.
  • A full-time employment for 1 year.
  • A gross monthly salary and benefits in accordance with the Collective Labor Agreement for Dutch Universities.
  • A broad package of fringe benefits and help on practicalities.

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Contact details

Do you recognize yourself in this profile and would you like to know more? Please contactdr. E. van der Geer-Rutten-Rijswijk, Managing Director, E.v.d.Geer[at] or +31 40 247 2465.

For information about terms of employment, please contact Kim Spinder – Van Puijenbroek,HR advisor, HRServices.IEIS[at] or +31 40 247 5102.

Advertisement Details: Research position (paid) for refugee Ukrainian Scientist

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