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Research assistant position in Sweden – Life science, Tumor systems biology, Karolinska

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We are an academic research lab in the Department of Cell and Molecular Biology (CMB) at Karolinska Institutet (KI) and SciLifeLab in Stockholm invites Research assistant Position in tumor systems biology – Sweden, Oct 2021.

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General Info

Position: Research Assistant
No. of Positions: 1
Research Field: , ,
Deadline to Apply: Expired
Joining Date: -
Contract Period: Not Mentioned
Salary: According to Standard Norms

Jean Hausser Lab
Department of Cell and Molecular Biology (CMB)
Karolinska Institute (KI)

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Qualification Details

  • Masters-level education in life science with a biomedical angle and an emphasis on experimental approaches
  • Solid experimental skills in pharmacology, especially in assaying viability and drug synergy
  • Solid experimental skills in cell biology: 2D and, most importantly, 3D mammalian cell culture, flow cytometry, immunostaining and cryosectioning
  • Experience in microscopy (brightfield, epifluorescence and confocal)
  • At least 6 months of previous experience in cancer research
  • Computational experience in R programming (Rstudio, tidyverse) and automatized image analysis with CellProfiler
  • Previous international experience
  • Fluency in English, spoken and written

The candidate’s personal skills will be strongly valued.

Responsibilities/Job Description

You will perform experimental and computational research to identify quantitative principles to guide pharmacological interventions against heterogeneous tumors.

How to Apply?

Online Application through "Apply Now" Button from this page or from advertisement webpage (URL below)

Reference Number: -STÖD 2-4132/2021
(If any, use it in the necessary place)

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Documents Required

The application is to be submitted through the Varbi recruitment system. In this recruitment, you will apply with your CV without a personal letter. Instead, you will answer some questions about why you are applying for the job in the application form.

About the Jean Hausser Lab

The field of cancer has blossomed during the last decade, thanks to advances in genome technology and to successful application of fundamental insights from immunology to the clinic. Cancer genomics studies have revealed how tumors differ in their molecular make-up. These differences can explain why different tumors respond to different drugs, and suggest how to personalize therapy. Decades of immunology research have revealed how the immune system protects the organism against cancer and explored the molecular signals that coordinate immune response. These fundamental insights are now starting to bear fruit in the clinic in the form of immunotherapy.

About the Employer: Karolinska Institute (KI)

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Contact details

  • Jean Hausser, jean.hausser@ki.se

Advertisement Details: Research assistant in tumor systems biology

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