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Research Assistant Position (50-70%, 1 year) at Department Environmental Social Sciences, Eawag, Switzerland 2022

Qualification Details

We look for someone with:

  • Preferably a Master’s degree
  • Knowledge about and/or prior experience with inter- and transdisciplinary research
  • A strong motivation to learn more about inter- and transdisciplinary research and how this type of research can be further promoted
  • Skills to work independently and come up with own ideas while also getting proactively and collaboratively involved in the team

Responsibilities/Job Description

Inter- and transdisciplinary (ITD) research aims to integrate diverse perspectives from different disciplines as well as from research, policy and practice. Thereby, it intends to address societally relevant problems and contribute to their solution. However, ITD research still faces manifold challenges. While these challenges are well documented in the literature, it remains unexplored what leadership practices and specific conditions are beneficial to effectively overcome them. The project "Integrative leadership in inter- and transdisciplinary contexts" at Eawag aims to address this gap and studies leadership practices and enabling conditions for making inter- and transdisciplinary research thrive in Switzerland. Thereby, it also aims to derive concrete recommendations for action and measures for implementation which target different actors such as leaders, research institutions and funding agencies, and should help to create more favorable conditions for inter- and transdisciplinary research in the future.For this reason, the project team looks for a research assistant (50-70% working time) starting from January 2023 onwards (starting date is flexible and could also be earlier or later) for a period of maximum one year (the exact period depends on the percentage of the working time and is negotiable). Tasks of the research assistant include:

  • Researching and compiling what recommendations and measures have already been published in the literature, evaluation reports, final project reports, on what leadership practices and conditions are favorable for ITD research, etc.
  • Structuring and systematizing the collected recommendations and measures according to target groups (what recommendations address whom?) and intended consequences
  • Comparing these results with the results from the Eawag project and synthesizing them to derive an overarching list of recommendations and measures for different target groups

How to Apply?

Application Method: online_applicationRef. No. -

Application Procedure

We look forward to receiving your application until 13 November 2023, including your CV and a letter of motivation (max. one page). Please send it through this webpage, any other way of applying will not be considered. A click on the link below will take you directly to the application form.

Note or Other details

Eawag is a modern employer and offers an excellent working environment where staff can contribute their strengths, experience and ways of thinking. We promote cultural and gender equality and are committed to staff diversity and inclusion. The compatibility of career and family is of central importance to us. For more information about Eawag and our work conditions please consult and We are a team of four researchers and offer a collaborative research environment passionate about the topic of inter- and transdisciplinarity and developing solutions for creating better conditions for this type of research in the future.

Contact Details

For further information, please contact Dr Sabine Hoffmann or Lisa Deutsch.