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Faculty Position in Karolinska Institutet Sweden

Professor position in oncological immunotherapy – Karolinska Institute, Sweden, 2022


Professor position is available at Department of Oncology-Pathology, Karolinska Institutet, and includes Directorship of the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facilities at the Cancer Center Karolinska (CCK), Solna, Sweden – 2022

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General Info

Position: Professor
No. of Positions: 1
Research Field:
Deadline to Apply: Expired
Joining Date: ASAP
Contract Period: Permanent position
Salary: According to standard norms

Department of Oncology-Pathology

Karolinska Institute (KI), Sweden


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Qualification Details

To be eligible for an employment as Professor with focus on research the applicant must have demonstrated good pedagogical expertise and excellent scientific expertise; (See the instructions regarding the Appointment Procedure for Teachers at Karolinska Institutet).

The applicant shall be a professor-competent researcher with clear potential for future development, and conduct internationally recognized research in oncological immunotherapy regarding solid tumors in adults. Therefore, the applicant must lead and conduct active and high-quality experimental and translational research in the subject area.

The applicant shall have excellent knowledge and skills of relevance to lead experimental manufacturing and handling of advanced cell therapies.

The applicant should present a clear vision of how he/she sees the development of oncological immunotherapy within the next five years.

The applicant shall have experience from teaching on the basic level in the subject area as well as from supervision and other assignments in doctoral education.

Bases of assessment

The Professorship has a focus on research. The assessment will weight qualifications as follows: scientific expertise (3), pedagogical expertise (2), and leadership, development and collaboration expertise (1).

For employment as Professor at Karolinska Institutet, the eligibility requirements and assessment criteria stated in the Instructions regarding the Appointment Procedure 3.1.1 are applied in relation to established profile of employment.

It is particularly meritorious that the applicant has shown

  • Clear line of research as principal investigator in experimental and translational oncological immunotherapy concerning solid tumors in adults
  • Active scientific production of high quality in oncological immunotherapy with a clear senior role within the last five years
  • Expertise in the manufacturing and handling of advanced cell therapies / GMP production
  • Experience of successful translation from experimental research results to clinical application in oncological immunotherapy

It is meritorious that the applicant has shown

  • A clear plan for future development of oncological immunotherapy concerning the applicants own area of expertise
  • Successful supervision of doctoral students and degree projects for undergraduate students in an experimental environment
  • Contributed to the education at the basic and / or advanced level as well as the research level
  • Ability to obtain own research funding in competition

The applicant shall also have completed 10 weeks of courses on teaching in higher education (or have equivalent competence), as indicated in the recommendations of the Association of Swedish Higher Education Institution. If the person appointed for the position is lacking such education at the time of the employment, the appointee must undergo such education during the first two years of employment.

After an overall assessment of the expertise and merits of the applicants in relation to the subject area, Karolinska Institutet will determine which of them has the best potential to contribute to a positive development of the activities at KI.

Responsibilities/Job Description

The successful applicant is expected to contribute academic leadership in experimental and translational research in oncological immunotherapy regarding solid tumors in adults. The applicant shall function as a principal investigator and conduct high quality research within the area, as well as supervise doctoral students and younger researchers and develop the area through collaborations with colleagues in experimental and clinical activities. The applicant is expected to have an active role in postgraduate education and also contribute to the teaching on the basic level in the subject. Furthermore, the applicant is expected to contribute to the implementation of oncological immunotherapy in clinical practice.

The employed professor will also be director of the GMP unit at CCK, Solna, which focuses on new treatments for advanced cancer through individualized cell therapies where cells from donors or patients are handled in special, strictly quality-controlled facilities. The activity is of crucial importance for the clinical trials in adult oncology where these types of therapies are used.

Depending on the background of the successful applicant, the position may be combined with a clinical employment as a specialist trained physician in oncology for solid tumors in adults at a clinic within Theme Cancer, Karolinska University Hospital-Solna for 50% of full-time (where the applicant is required to hold a Swedish specialty license in oncology as well as to have the required knowledge of written and spoken Swedish).

How to Apply?

Application Method: Online Application
Ref. No.: STÖD 2-1128/2020

Application Procedure

Your application must contain the following documents in English: a cover letter as well as a résumé and a qualifications portfolio including a description of your research plan, both presented in accordance with Karolinska Institutet’s template (http://ki.se/qualificationsportfolio).

You may change or add to your application at any time up to and including the application deadline date. After the deadline, the process closes, and no amendment or addition can be made to your application.

The applications will be reviewed by external reviewers, most often both national and international. For that reason, all the submitted documents should be written in English.

About the Department/Section/Group

Oncological immunotherapy for solid tumors in adults is an expansive area of research and clinical development with precision medicine as its goal. The subject area includes both molecular experimental, and translational studies regarding efficacy and new treatment strategies, treatment responses, side effects, and treatment optimization.

The subject aims to understand how cancer cells can be recognized or avoid detection by the immune system, as well as to develop and improve immune-based therapies where the body's own immune system is used to attack tumor cells, possibly in combination with other types of cancer therapies. The studies may for example concern: Knowledge of how ex vivo expanded cells, T- and NK-cells, can reach and specifically attack tumor cells; Knowledge of how immunotherapy can be optimized for specific patient groups; Knowledge of treatment responses and side effects of available immunotherapies; and Streamlining and developing immunotherapeutic treatment strategies.

About the Employer:

Note or Other details

A creative and inspiring environment full of expertise and curiosity. Karolinska Institutet is one of the world's leading medical universities. Our vision is to pursue the development of knowledge about life and to promote a better health for all. At Karolinska Institutet, we conduct successful medical research and hold the largest range of medical education in Sweden. Karolinska Institutet is a state university, which entitles to several benefits such as extended holiday and generous occupational pension. Employees also have access to our modern gym for free and receive reimbursements for medical care.

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Contact details

Lars Holmgren, Head of department, [email protected]

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