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Professor or Associate Professor of English Literature, INN Norway


Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences (INN University) invites applications for the post as full Professor or Associate Professor of English literature, at the Faculty of education (LUP) the Department of Humanities, Norway – Dec 2021

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General Info

Position: Professor/ Associate Professor
No. of Positions: 1
Research Field: ,
Joining Date: Aug 01, 2022
Contract Period: 3 Years
Salary: According to Standard Norms

Faculty of education (LUP)
Department of Humanities
Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences (INN)

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Qualification Details

Formal qualifications and experience 

  • Applicants for full professor must document academic competence in accordance with international standards for full professorship within the relevant academic discipline.
  • Applicants for associate professor must have a Norwegian doctoral degree in the relevant discipline or an equivalent doctoral degree from a foreign programme approved as equal to the Norwegian degree, or other documented academic production of the same academic level, scope and quality as a doctoral degree.
  • Applicants must have a doctoral degree in English didactics or  literature, with a dissertation within the field of English language literature. Applicants without a doctoral degree must have other documented academic production of the same academic level, scope and quality as a doctoral degree within the field of English language literature.
  • The applicant’s literature competence must be relevant for INN University’s research and teaching activities. Competence within research and teaching targeting the primary levels of school and teacher education will be considered an advantage.
  • In the case of equally qualified candidates, applicants with qualifications in literature teaching and didactics will be preferred.
  • Comprehensive and documented competence within English teaching and didactics, acquired through education or work experience, will be considered an advantage.

Pedagogical qualifications 

  • Documented pedagogical education and experience, primarily targeting higher education, cf. Regulations concerning appointment and promotion to teaching and research posts.
  • Applicants who cannot document such pedagogical qualifications at the time of employment, are obliged to attend INN University’s course in university teaching or an equivalent course within two years of employment.

Personal qualifications 

  • Personal suitability for the post is important.
  • Work in the department entails close collaboration between teachers and across disciplines, and collaborative skills are required.
  • The ability to communicate well with students and colleagues is also required.
  • Applicants must have the ability to teach knowledge and skills at a high academic level and be invested in the discipline.
  • The successful candidate must be able to complete academic administrative tasks and handle a large and varied workload.


  • Familiarity with pedagogical use of IT is an advantage.
  • Generally proficient IT-skills is a requirement.
  • Interest in digitalisation and new forms of teaching


  • Communicative competence in Norwegian or other Scandinavian language is an advantage. Applicants who lack communicative competence in Norwegian or other Scandinavian language are obliged to acquire these skills within two years of employment.
  • High level of oral and written communicative competence in English

For more information about formal qualifications, see Regulations concerning appointment and promotion to teaching and research posts.

In the case of no applicants who are qualified for permanent employment, temporary employment for up to three years in a lower category may be considered, cf. Act relating to universities and university colleges §6-5.

Assessment and ranking of qualified applications are done on the basis of the total evaluation of education, experience and personal qualifications, as well as other criteria listed in the advertisement and the candidates’ motivation.

Responsibilities/Job Description

The Faculty of education has a vacant 100% permanent post as full professor/associate professor of English literature, starting 1 August 2022.

Job description

  • The announced posts entail research and academic development work in line with current frameworks and the research strategies of INN University.
  • Responsibilities include teaching and supervision, for instance within the teacher training master programmes and the general and secondary teacher education programmes.
  • Responsibilities also include work within further education for teachers, as well as externally funded projects.
  • Some responsibilities may entail travels in the region.
  • Other responsibilities may be added.

How to Apply?

Online Application through "Apply Now" Button from this page

Reference Number: -
(If any, use it in the necessary place)

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Documents Required

Application and CV is submitted digitally via “Apply for this job”.

The application must include:

  • Cover letter
  • Extensive CV with an overview of education, work experience, pedagogical experience, administrative experience, acquisition work, experience with coordination, as well as other qualifying experience and activity.
  • Validated copies of diplomas and certificates.
  • A systematic and unified presentation of documented pedagogical qualifications, including an overview of formal pedagogical education, pedagogical practice (such as teaching and supervision), experience in quality development in education, development of teaching resources, courses, course plans, etc. Candidates must also provide a reflection note concerning teaching philosophy and pedagogical development (max. 1 page).
  • List of publications
  • A maximum of 15 academic works for assessment

For any questions concerning the uploading of attachments or other technical issues regarding the application, please contact Jobbnorge customer service. Contact information is provided in a link in the application form.

Applications will be assessed by a professional committee. Full CV, validated copies of certificates, diploma and references, documentation of pedagogical qualifications, list of publications, and a maximum of 15 documents of the applicant’s academic production must be uploaded or provided as durable links via the application portal. In case of multiple authorship of any of the documents, the applicant’s contribution must be clarified.

Applicants must provide documentation of pedagogical qualifications.

Eligible candidates will be invited to an interview and trial lecture.

Any request for exemption from public lists of applicants must be clearly justified and registered in the electronic application form. Applicants will be contacted should the employer be unable to comply with the request (cf. Freedom of information act § 25).

The government workforce must, to the greatest extent possible, reflect the diversity of the population. Therefore, the university’s recruitment policy aims to achieve balance in terms of age and gender, and to recruit individuals with disabilities and individuals from ethnic minority groups.this information will be used for registration purposes in order to measure diversity in the work force.

About the Faculty

The Faculty of education (LUP) offers most education programmes within teacher training, such as pre-school teacher training, general teacher training, music teacher training, pedagogical training and secondary language teacher training (English, Norwegian).

We also offer several year courses, a bachelor programme in pedagogy, and a rage of master programmes: general education, special education, adapted teaching, digital communication and culture, culture and language teaching (Norwegian, English, and music), the sciences (mathematics and natural sciences) and education management.

The faculty runs a PhD-programme in Teaching and teacher education and contributes to a PhD-programme in Child and youth participation and competence development.

The Faculty of education has 3.500 students and 350 employees.

About the Department

The Faculty will reorganise in January 2022 and a new department structure will be established. English, which is now part of the Department of Humanities, will constitute a new, separate department, which has not yet been given its institutional title.

The new department supplies teaching resources for education programmes within general teacher training, practical-pedagogical training, and secondary teacher training; year courses and BA-level courses in English; and master programme in culture and language teaching. The department also supplies resources for teaching and supervision in the PhD-programme in Teaching and teacher education. The department has an extensive portfolio of externally funded activity, such as further and continued education for in-service teachers.

Department staff are involved in research groups Literature and Literacy and English language in use.

The new department will consist of 28 members of staff, among them 4 full professors, 9 associate professors, 7 assistant professors and 4 research fellows.

About the Employer: Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences (INN)


  • An exciting and challenging position at a growing institution, enthusiastic colleagues and a stimulating work environment.
  • The position is remunerated according to code 1013 Professor/1011 Associate professor in Statens lønnsregulativ, depending on qualifications and experience.
  • Favourable terms with the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund (Statens pensjonskasse) 
  • For more information about employment at HINN, see

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Contact details

For more information about the position, please contact:

Head of department Christina Sandhaug, Tel: +47 62517673, Mob: +47 99293911, e-mail:

Advertisement Details:

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