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Professor Job in plant biology – Umea, Sweden 2022

Sweden, Umeå University (UMU)

Umeå Plant Science Centre (UPSC) and the Department of plant physiology seeks a professor for research, and to a minor part also teaching, in plant biology – Umea University, Sweden 2022

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General Info

Position: Professor
No. of Positions: 1
Research Field:
Joining Date: July 01, 2022
Contract Period: -
Salary: According to Standard Norms

Umeå Plant Science Centre (UPSC)
Department of plant physiology
Umeå University (UMU)
Umea, Sweden

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Qualification Details

A person who has demonstrated both research and educational expertise shall be qualified for appointment as a Professor. (Chapter 4, Section 3, Higher Education Ordinance). Research expertise refers to independent research work, the ability to plan and lead research activities and the ability to impart information about research to the outside world. Educational expertise refers to documented experience of planning, implementation, examination, and evaluation of teaching and is shown in a reflective approach to student learning and one’s own teaching role.

Applicants must have documented expertise in their own research (and teaching) in one or more of the following areas: 1) plant metabolism and/or physiology 2) plant genetics and/or epigenetics 3) plant developmental biology or 4) plant stress and/or interaction with the environment.

Assessment criteria and their weight

In the selection of candidates, emphasis will primarily be put on the degree of scientific expertise. Next, pedagogical skills will be taken into account. Equal attention shall be put on the assessment of pedagogical skills as scientific skills. In addition, regard will be given to management skills, communication and collaboration skills and other skills relevant to the area of the position and the tasks that will be part of the employment.

Scientific expertise

Scientific expertise shall be demonstrated through independent scientific productivity. The criteria for assessment are:

  • Breadth and depth of research – quality and scope
  • originality of research
  • productivity
  • contributions to the international research community
  • assignments within the research community
  • the ability to competitively obtain external research funding
  • collaboration with the surrounding society

Pedagogical expertise

The pedagogical expertise for employment as professor should be demonstrated by documented experience of teaching with scientific foundation at university level. The criteria for evaluation are:

  • an ability to plan, implement and evaluate teaching and an ability to supervise and examine students at every level of education
  • an ability to vary teaching methods and examination formats in relation to anticipated study results and the nature of the subject
  • experience of collaboration with the surrounding society in planning and implementation of education
  • participation in the development of learning environments, teaching aids and study resources
  • a reflective approach to student learning and one’s own role as a teacher

Pedagogical expertise can be attained through education in university pedagogy, other education of relevance for teaching at a university level or documented and proven experience teaching at the university level.

Further qualifications

Criteria for the degree of communication and collaboration ability are quality and scope of previous experience.

Responsibilities/Job Description

The Professor’s duties include conducting research according to his or her own research program. The research in the relevant subject area can be basic/fundamental, or strategic and/or applied for example within biotechnology or genetics. Within these general areas the subject of the research project is up to the applicant but it is important that the project complements ongoing research at the centre and utilizes the skills, resources and infrastructure available.

To a small extent (10-20%) is included in the tasks of leading teaching on the department's courses in Plant Biology.

How to Apply?

Online Application through "Apply Now" Button from this page

Reference Number: AN 2.2.1-1640-21
(If any, use it in the necessary place)

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Documents Required

The application should preferably be written in English, and include the following items:

  1. A personal cover letter, including contact details, where you briefly describe how you meet the specified requirements (max 2 pages)
  2. Certified copies of relevant university degrees and diplomas
  3. Copies of ten research publications relevant to the position, numbered according to the publication list
  4. Attachments to a pedagogical portfolio (see p. 3.5 in Umu Application template)
  5. CV/Umu Application templateFill in the application template (word). Submit it attached to your application in the Varbi system as your CV. Following information must be provided in the application template:
    • basic information
    • an account of research experience (including a list of articles published and a brief research plan)
    • an account of pedagogical experience and activities
    • an account of experiences of developing and managing activities and staff
    • an account of experiences regarding interacting with the surrounding society and popularizing science
    • references, including contact details

See instructions for what to include in the application, as well as how to describe scientific and educational activities (pdf)

Applications should be made via e-recruitment system Varbi and be received no later than 2022-02-28.

About the Project

At the Department of plant physiology and UPSC the research deals with various aspects of plant physiology, cell and molecular biology, biochemistry and organismal biology at both experimental and computational levels. We now want to strengthen our faculty and would like to recruit two persons on professor/associate professor level. The conditions for professors and associate professor are similar in most respects (research and teaching), the main difference being that professors can negotiate a significantly bigger startup package. The department may decide to employ only two professors (and no senior lecturer).

About the Employer: Umeå University (UMU)

Note or Other details

Are you interested in knowing more about Umeå University as a workplace read more at: Work with us.

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Contact details

Stefan Jansson, Head of department, 090-7865354, e-mail

Advertisement Details: Professor in plant biology

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