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Professor Job in Clinical medicine – UiB, Norway 2022

Norway, University of Bergen (UiB)

A permanent position as Professor or Associate Professor (100%) is vacant at the Faculty of Medicine, Department of Clinical Medicine – University of Bergen (UiB), Norway 2022

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General Info

Position: Professor
No. of Positions: 1
Research Field: ,
Joining Date: ASAP
Contract Period: -
Salary: NOK 801 300 – 850 000 per annum

Faculty of Medicine
Department of Clinical Medicine
University of Bergen (UiB)
Bergen, Norway

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Qualification Details

Qualified applicants have a Norwegian doctoral degree in a relevant field, or equivalent competence, and meet the requirements for educational competence.

The ideal candidate publishes at a high international level, can refer to applications and grants from national and international funding sources for research and educational work, and has established, or is in the process of establishing, his/her own research group. Results achieved in the last 5-7 years will be particularly emphasized in the assessment. The ideal candidate also has experience with teaching at bachelor's and master's level or in professional educations (i. e. MD) and from supervising of PhD candidates. Experience from various national and international research institutions, and the ability to establish an international network will count positively in the assessment, and so will experience in innovation. Personal characteristics are emphasized in the assessment.

Emphasis will be placed on the applicant's experience with and competence in the use of animal models in research, as well as knowledge of methods that are useful in the development of genetically modified animal models. Emphasis will also be placed on the applicant's management experience and ability to develop units with professional competence, as well as teaching experience.

Educational competence is a requirement for the position, see guidelines for establishment for a pedagogical portfolio at the Center for medical education. The requirement is absolute for appointment as professor, while an associate professor will be offered training if the requirement is not met before appointment.

The teaching language will normally be Norwegian. The successful applicant must be able to teach in Norwegian or one of the other Scandinavian languages within two years of his/her appointment. Courses will be offered.

Responsibilities/Job Description

The animal facility is one of nine core facilities at the Faculty of Medicine. The facility offers services to all researchers in Bergen. The hired person will be the head of a management team including persons responsible for daily operation of the facility, animal welfare as well as teaching and training of the users of the facility. Examples of specific responsibilities will be establishing relevant methodologies at the facility, counselling of users and training of facility staff in topics related to transgenic animal models.

It is critical that the hired person work well together with the management team at the facility, and significant emphasis will be on the candidate’s experiences and skills in management of medium sized research groups, as well as competence in project coordination and research strategies.

The hired person must undertake teaching duties as decided by the Department’s leadership, including supervision of master and PhD students. The total load of duties at the animal facility and teaching combined will not exceed the typical number of teaching hours imposed on employees in full positions at the Department of Clinical Medicine.

The person who fills this position shall both initiate and lead research projects, teach and supervise students and research fellows, as well as take on administrative tasks within a recommendatory time frame. It is expected that the person who fills this position will regularly submit applications to relevant national and international sources for research financing.

How to Apply?

Online Application through "Apply Now" Button from this page

Reference Number: -
(If any, use it in the necessary place)

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Documents Required

Your application must include:

  • an application letter that tells why you are applying for the position
  • a detailed CV including relevant diplomas and certifications
  • a plan for your own research for the next five years (maximum 5 pages A4 format)
  • complete list of publications
  • pedagogical portfolio
  • a list of scientific works you wish to have considered in the assessment of your application (no more than 10 for ass. professor, and no more than 15 for professor). Each work should be accompanied by a short summary that highlights the work’s most important findings
  • the academic works described in the previous point in pdf-format
  • the name and contact information for at least to references

It is extremely important that the scientific works you wish to have considered in the assessment of your application are uploaded in their entirety as attachments to your application.

About the Position

The position is associated with the Animal facility at The Faculty of Medicine, and hired person will be in charge of the professional progression of the facility. Own research should include the use of animal models and knowledge in use of transgenic models. A research plan for the coming five years must be enclosed in the application.

If applicable, the position may be linked to a permanent part time position as consultant physician or specialist doctor at Haukeland University Hospital. If there are no qualified applicants with professorial qualifications, it may be relevant to appoint an associate professor. People we are applying for have extensive competence in relevant subject areas, have significant research activity at a high international level, and have leadership experience from research groups or projects.

We are looking for an employee who, together with employees at the department, will contribute to front-line research and teaching. Clinical Department 1 (K1) has about 250 employees, divided into 20 subject areas, organized in about 30 research groups. The person we are looking for is in an active phase of his/her career and has an academic track record within prioritized research fields that is relevant to the department.

About the Employer: University of Bergen (UiB)

Note or Other details

  • a good and challenging international working environment in a faculty with an academic environment that is in the forefront nationally and internationally
  • professional challenges with opportunities for personal development and skills development
  • professor salary pay grade 79-81 (code 1013) on the government salary scale; at present NOK 801 300 – 850 000, or associate professor pay grade 68-74 NOK 626 100 – 702 100 (code 1011/24.10), specialist pay grade 70-74 NOK 650 300 – 702 100 (code 1011/24.10) gross p.a. for a full-time position; following ordinary meriting regulations. In the case of a highly qualified applicant, a higher salary may be considered.
  • enrolment in the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund
  • good welfare benefits.

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Contact details

Detailed information about the position can be obtained by contacting: Head of Department Kjell-Morten Myhr ( or Acting Head of the Animal facility, Professor Emmet Mc Cormac

Advertisement Details: Professor or Associate Professor

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