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ETH Zurich Postdoctoral position in Cell biology, Hematology, Biomedical engineering, Biophysics


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The Laboratory of Applied Mechanobiology at the ETH Zurich is an international multidisciplinary research group and investigating the importance of physical forces on cells and extracellular matrix from the level of molecules to tissues.

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General Info

Position: Postdoctoral position
No. of Positions: 1
Research Field: , , , ,
Joining Date: ASAP
Contract Period: -

Laboratory of Applied Mechanobiology

ETH Zurich, Switzerland (Laboratory of Applied Mechanobiology)

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Qualification Details

You are a dedicated scientist with a doctoral degree in the field of cell biology, hematology, biomedical engineering, biophysics or related fields with the following expertise:

  • Experience in hematology with at least one first authorship in a top-rated journal
  • Expertise in high-resolution quantitative imaging (Confocal or perhaps even Superresolution Microscopy) and common techniques (e.g. Flow Cytometry, Western Blot, Bioconjugation)
  • Expertise in cell biology, in particular platelet biology
  • Experience in the field of coagulation biology is a big plus
  • Independent planning, efficient execution and documentation of experiments
  • Excellent communication and writing skills and a strong attitude to work in a team
  • Ability to integrate efficiently various concepts from different disciplines

Please apply if you meet these criteria.

Responsibilities/Job Description

We are inviting applicants for a postdoctoral position starting as soon as possible in the field of hematology/coagulations biology.

This project will focus on the interaction of coagulation factors with platelets. In Hemophilia A and B patients, FVIII or FIX is either missing or defective, respectively. As there is no cure to Hameophilia, the only option for a patient is to undergo a life-long treatment with the respective FVIII or FIX replacement therapies. In the fast-evolving treatment landscape of Haemophilia, patients can either choose from several different recombinant FVIII/FIX technologies, or the new non-factor therapies. To elucidate the underpinning mechanisms how different coagulation factors and their commercial mimetics interact with platelets and blood exposed cells, the project aims to use various in vitro cell model systems, state-of-the-art optical microscopy, and common biochemical assays. The outcome of the project could have direct impact on the treatment choices of haemophilia patients.

How to Apply?

Application Method:
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Application Procedure

About the Project

Platelets are the key players to limit blood loss at the site of vascular injury by forming a hemostatic plug. Platelets adhere to exposed subendothelial matrix proteins and subsequent downstream signaling pathways induce platelet aggregation. In the forming thrombus, aggregating platelets stabilize the clot and procoagulant platelets amplify the coagulation response at the wound site in a surface-dependent manner. Tremendous research was done to elucidate the role of platelets in hemostasis but how platelets spatiotemporally interact with coagulation proteins in the formation of blood clot is less clear.

About the Employer: ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Note or Other details

You will work in an international vibrant team with the unique opportunity to continuously refine and expand your interpersonal and methodical skills. Read more about working at ETH and our benefits for employees.

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Contact details

Further information about Laboratory of Appplied Mechanobiology can be found on our website. Questions regarding the position should be directed to Norma De Giuseppe, Tel +41 44 632 30 53 or email [email protected] (no applications).

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