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Postdoc in Paleoclimatology, Paleoecology – UV-B radiation Project, UiB, Norway

University of Bergen (UiB)


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Oct 25, 2021 23:59 (GMT +2)

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At the Department of Biological Sciences, there is a vacancy for a postdoctoral research fellow position within paleoclimatology at University of Bergen, Norway – Oct 2021.

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General Info

Position: Postdoc
No. of Positions: 1
Research Field: , , ,
Deadline to Apply: October 25, 2021(GMT +2)
Joining Date: -
Contract Period: Not Mentioned
Salary: According to Standard Norms

Department of Biological Sciences
University of Bergen (UiB)

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Qualification Details

  • Applicants must hold a Norwegian PhD or an equivalent degree within organic geochemistry, palaeoclimatology/ palaeoecology, photobiology or a related field, or must have submitted their doctoral thesis for assessment prior to the application deadline. It is a condition of employment that the PhD has been awarded.
  • Given the multidisciplinary nature of the project, expertise in at least one of the three following criteria is a requirement. Experience in more than one other of these three criteria will be viewed favorably.
    • Experience in the extraction and analysis of plant biomarkers using analytical methods (e.g. FTIR spectroscopy; py-GC-MS, HPLC, LC-MS, qNMR) to assess chemical variations along temporal, spatial or environmental gradients.
    • Experience in experimental photobiological research to assess chemical variations in response in plants (e.g. using chamber, greenhouse or field experiments to assess plant-flavonoid responses).
    • Experience in developing and validating novel quantitative methods to calibrate palaeoecological proxies to reconstruct past climates and/or ecosystems.
  • Good programming skills (e.g. in R or Python) is a requirement.
  • The ability to work well in a team and to contribute to general group dynamics is a requirement.
  • The ability to effectively manage laboratory and experimental research is a requirement.
  • A proven track record in writing and publishing high quality research papers is a requirement.
  • Experience in the analysis of chemical variations in fossil sporopollenin is an advantage.
  • Knowledge of plant flavonoid responses to UV radiation in an ecological context is an advantage.
  • Experience of quantitative analysis of multivariate spectra (e.g. using multivariate chemometric methods such as Partial Least Squares Regression) is an advantage
  • Experience in using hierarchical modelling to generate quantitative reconstructions of past ecosystem changes is an advantage.
  • An interest in developing Open Science frameworks is an advantage.
  • Applicants must have excellent skills in oral and written English.

Personal and relational qualities will be emphasized. Research experience, ambitions and potential will also count when evaluating the candidates.

Responsibilities/Job Description

  • The successful candidate will be part of a broad and multidisciplinary scientific team, spanning expertise in palaeoecology and palaeoclimatology, photobiology and organic chemistry. Although the specific work tasks may change depending on the skills of the successful applicant, there will be a large laboratory and field component.
  • The postdoctoral-research fellow will work with collaborators in the Department of Chemistry, UiB on developing new chemical-extraction approaches of sporopollenin on modern samples of Pinus sylvestris pollen grains. They will use a range of extraction procedures and perform analysis based on a variety of methods (e.g. FTIR, Raman; py-GC-MS, HPLC, LC-MS, qNMR)
  • They will aid in the coordination of greenhouse/ field experiments to investigate the effects of UV-B radiation on Pinus sylvestris pollen, and will quantify the changes in UV-B absorbing compounds in the pollen grains using vibrational spectroscopy/ pyrolysis Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry.

How to Apply?

Online Application through "Apply Now" Button from this page or from advertisement webpage (URL below)

Reference Number: -
(If any, use it in the necessary place)

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Documents Required

Your application must include

  • A brief account of the applicant's research interests and motivation for applying for the position.
  • The names and contact information for two reference persons. One of these must be the the main advisor from the PhD programme.
  • CV
  • Transcripts and diplomas and official confirmation that the doctoral thesis has been submitted
  • Relevant certificates/references
  • List of any works of a scientific nature (publication list)
  • Publications (as applicable)

The application and appendices with certified translations into English or a Scandinavian language must be uploaded at Jobbnorge

About the Project

The project will aim to use the biochemical variations in pollen grains to quantitatively reconstruct past variations in UV-B radiation from sediment sequences. The project website can be found here:

About the Employer: University of Bergen (UiB)

Note or Other details

Further information about our employment process can be found here.

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Contact details

Detailed information about the position can be obtained by contacting: Associate professor Alistair Seddon, e-mail:

Advertisement Details: Postdoctoral Research Fellow in position quantification of UV-B absorbing biomarkers for palaeoecology/palaeoclimatology

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