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PhD Student Position in Sociology of Education – Uppsala University, Sweden, 2022


Department of Education (EDU) invites applications for a PhD Student Position in Sociology of Education at Uppsala University, Sweden – 2022

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General Info

Position: PhD
No. of Positions: 1
Research Field:
Deadline to Apply: Expired
Joining Date: Sep 01, 2022
Contract Period: 4 Years
Salary: According to standard norms

Department of Education

Uppsala University, Sweden


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Qualification Details

A completed degree at the advanced level, completed course requirements of at least 240 higher education credits, of which at least 60 higher education credits are at the advanced level, or equivalent knowledge acquired, within or outside the country.

Specific Eligibility Requirements: 90 higher education credits in a humanities or social science subject with content relevant to Sociology of Education. High proficiency in spoken and written English.

Responsibilities/Job Description

PhD students primarily focus on their own research, and the studies consist of four years of full-time employment. Doctoral students are also expected to actively participate in the department's activities. Teaching or other responsibilities at the department corresponding to a maximum of 20 percent can be assigned, in which case the position may be extended to a corresponding extent.

Sociology of Education explores formation, education, teaching, upbringing and learning in relation to other parts of society and to radical social processes, such as globalisation and transformations to working life. A central topic within Sociology of Education research conducted at the Department of Education is the encounter between the different kinds of assets possessed by pupils, students and teachers and the prevailing order in the educational system. Another important research area is the growth and development of educational institutions and the relationship between education and other social fields, such as culture, economics or politics. As a discipline, Sociology of Education is based on more general traditions of research in social and historical sciences.

Information about ongoing research within Sociology of Education at Uppsala University can be found here: http://www.edu.uu.se/forskning/utbildningssociologi/. The research is also closely linked to the activities that take place within the research groups Sociology of Education and Culture (SEC), http://www.skeptron.uu.se/broady/sec/pre.htm, and Uppsala Studies of History and Education (SHED), http://www.edu.uu.se/forskning/utbildningshistoria/.

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How to Apply?

Application Method: Online Application
Ref. No.: UFV-PA 2022/492

Application Procedure

  1. A completed application form for admission to third-cycle studies https://mp.uu.se/documents/432512/983501/ansokan_forskarniva_eng_210308.pdf/19fc6cf6-9a77-75d0-0f1d-9ef607b501cb.
  2. A personal letter.
  3. A CV with official transcripts that verify that the applicant has met both the general and special eligibility requirements to be admitted as a doctoral student within Sociology of Education at the Faculty of Educational Sciences. Copies of official diplomas and grade transcripts are also required.
  4. Independently written scientific papers or essays, such as at the C- or D-level or a master degree thesis, and if applicable published academic texts that strengthen your qualifications in Sociology of Education. The submitted texts should be in one of the Scandinavian languages or English. You may also submit a translated text together with the original. This translation should be in Swedish or English. Please note that you must then provide an official translation.
  5. A dissertation plan of a maximum 7 pages that addresses the aim of the study, problems and questions to be addressed, theoretical perspectives underpinning the study, methodology, data to be collected and analysed as well as a list of references.

Rules governing PhD students are set out in the Higher Education Ordinance chapter 5, §§ 1-7 and in Uppsala University's rules and guidelines.

See also the curriculum regulating third-cycle education in Sociology of Education, at https://mp.uu.se/sv/web/info/forska/forskarutbildning/humsam/utbildningsvetenskap/studieplaner

The post-graduate training is regulated by the Faculty of Educational Sciences in “Procedures for the Admission to Doctoral Studies”, “Continuation of Employment”, Prolongation of Employment” and “Procedures for the PhD Student’s Individual Study Plan”. For more information see https://mp.uu.se/web/info/forska/forskarutbildning/humsam/utbildningsvetenskap.

About the Department/Section/Group

The Department of Education (EDU) provides research and study programmes at doctoral, undergraduate and postgraduate levels, as well as contract education, in the subjects of curriculum studies, education, and sociology of education. At EDU there are several Master programmes. EDU has around 300 employees, of which 200 are teachers/researchers, 70 doctoral students and 30 administrators. More information about the department is available at http://www.edu.uu.se/.

About the Employer:

Note or Other details

The employment is a temporary position according to the Higher Education Ordinance chapter 5 § 7. Fixed salary according to local agreement for PhD employment. Scope of employment 100 %. Starting date 1 September 2022. Placement: Uppsala

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Contact details

For further information about the position, please contact: Director of studies Emil Bertilsson, +46(0)18-4712467 [email protected]. Research leader, professor Mikael Börjesson, [email protected].

Advertisement Details:

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