Project-specific researcher in Urban Governance

Job description

At the School of Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies we undertake interdisciplinary research with a focus on novel governance models, questions about social and environmental justice and the positioning of less-represented groups in relation to contemporary challenges. As part of this we are running several research projects funded through national and international funding schemes.

This position is part of an international research project that aims to contribute novel insight into urban governance and sustainable spatial planning, by examining meaningful engagement and participatory tools and methods, as well as contemporary challenges in urban areas in Europe. Special attention is paid to underrepresented groups in urban governance and planning, such as young people. As such, the research to be conducted in this open position is located at the intersection of two applied areas of work: participatory environmental governance and critical urban studies. This envisages engagement with related theoretical and analytical frameworks, including social movement theory, multi-level governance framework, intersectionality, ethics of care, social and environmental justice, knowledge co-creation and intergenerational equity. The position requires active and collegial participation in the academic environment at Södertörn University.

We are looking for you who is interested in conducting innovative research and are a strong team player, willing to balance your personal research interests with those of the group. Experience with data visualisation, the curation of qualitative and quantitative databases, and basic knowledge of GIS is beneficial. Duties include research and associated tasks. Some teaching may be included in these duties, but no more than 20 per cent of the total level of employment. This position requires proficiency with English language. Understanding of Swedish is beneficial. The position includes the following tasks:

  • undertaking qualitative research in Sweden and abroad, analysing and summarising research outcomes for scientific publications
  • contributing to the design and delivery of participatory activities that involve underrepresented social groups (e.g. young people) from multi-ethic urban areas, and summarising research outcomes in scientific publications
  • maintaining and expanding the network of contacts relevant to the project’s overall objectives and, in line with our research agenda, engaging with societal actors and non-academic stakeholders in Sweden and abroad
  • presenting research results at project meetings, workshops and conferences, both nationally and internationally
  • generating new research insights and disseminating them to societal actors in novel ways

The project is funded by FORMAS (the Swedish Research Council for Sustainable Development) and is an international partnership and collaboration between Södertörn University with KTH (Sweden), Copenhagen University (Denmark), Wageningen University (the Netherlands), and Winnipeg University (Canada). Please note that this position requires some (short term) travel to conduct field work and implement project activities in Sweden and elsewhere in Europe. Administrative duties may also be included (e.g. organising meetings and workshops, task reporting, preparing internal communications).


You are qualified for employment as a project-specific researcher for this position if you have a doctoral degree in environmental studies or for the employment another relevant subject, for example human geography, gender studies, anthropology, urban planning and architecture, or has equivalent scientific competence. You must also have the personal skills necessary to do the job well and to represent the university in a way that benefits its activities. This position requires the ability to express yourself well in English. It also requires understanding and skills in academic writing.

Research expertise is demonstrated through scholarly publications and related activities in the relevant subject area, participation in research projects, research collaborations, and contributions to the development of the subject.

Grounds for assessment

The following grounds for assessment have been established for this position (in order of importance). The below item must be documented.

  • Expertise in qualitative inquiry on the above listed topics and familiarity with qualitative data collection methods (i.e. interviews, focus groups, observation, photovoice)
  • Good cooperation skills
  • Administrative skills

For complete information about qualifications and the criteria for assessing them, please read Södertörn University’s Appointments Procedure.


This position is limited to a period of 12 months for an 80-100�pacity. Start date 2023-03-15 or as agreed. The place of work is Södertörn University located in Flemingsberg, Sweden.


The application deadline is 24 February 2023. The applications shall be submitted in English as the assessment panel is English-speaking.

Additional information

Project leader: Romina Rodela, e-mail: romina.rodela@sh.seHead of Department: Karin Ebert: e-mail: karin.ebert@sh.seHuman Resources Manager: Marie Granroth, e-mail:

The current employment is valid on condition that the employment decision becomes valid.
An application that is not complete or arrives at Södertörn University after the closing date may be rejected.
Södertörn University may apply CV review.

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