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Few Associate Senior Lecturers in Political Science – Uppsala University, Sweden, 2022

Sweden, Uppsala University

One or more Associate Senior Lecturers in Political Science – orientation towards Development Studies at Department of Government, at Uppsala University, Sweden, 2022

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General Info

Position: Associate Senior Lecturer
No. of Positions: Few
Research Field:
Joining Date: ASAP
Contract Period: 4 Years
Salary: According to Standard Norms

Department of Government
Uppsala University
Uppsala University
Uppsala , Sweden

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Qualification Details

To be eligible for employment as an associate senior lecturer, applicants must hold a PhD in political science, or other fields of relevance to the position, or have achieved equivalent scientific expertise, and must meet the requirements for teaching skills. Preferably, the applicant will have completed a PhD or achieved equivalent expertise no more than five years before the application deadline. The applicant should have completed five weeks of department-relevant teacher training at the higher education level, or be deemed to have equivalent knowledge.

It is required that the applicant’s pedagogical skills, scientific competence and professional skills are relevant to the subject content of the position and the tasks that are to be included in the position.

Under Uppsala University's appointment regulations, it is also a general eligibility requirement that teachers possess the personal qualities necessary to capably perform the duties of the post.

The applicant must have a documented ability to teach in Swedish and English.

Assessment criteria: When selecting among eligible applicants, special emphasis will be placed on research expertise. Due to the nature of the post, as temporary employment with the potential for promotion to a permanent post, the applicant’s research and teaching qualifications will be assessed primarily in qualitative terms. An applicant’s quantitative advantage, i.e. an applicant who has been working for a longer period of time, will thus not be decisive.

Research expertise: Research expertise refers to research qualifications. In the assessment of research expertise, primary consideration will be given to research quality. Importance will also be given to the scope of research, in terms of both breadth and depth.

Teaching expertise: Teaching expertise will also be assessed carefully. Teaching skills refer to educational and teaching qualifications, and teaching quality will be the prime consideration. The scope of teaching experience, in terms of both breadth and depth, will also be afforded consideration.

Administrative skills and other proficiencies are also significant to the post and will be given due weight. Administrative skills are demonstrated, among other things, through the ability to plan, organize and prioritize work effectively and in a purpose-adapted manner. Attention will also be given to the applicant’s ability to interact with both the scientific community and the community at large.

Qualifications should be documented so that both quality and scope can be assessed.

Responsibilities/Job Description

Research and teaching within the field of Development Studies. In addition teaching courses in political science at the department might also be included. The position permits teaching up to 50%. Teaching includes course coordination, supervision and course administration. Duties may also include administrative tasks. The remaining 50% of the position should be devoted to research. Duties also include following developments within the discipline and developments in society at large of relevance for teaching at the university.

How to Apply?

Online Application through "Apply Now" Button from this page

Reference Number: UFV-PA 2021/4206
(If any, use it in the necessary place)

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Documents Required

A complete application should be submitted to Uppsala University’s on-line recruitment portal. It should comprise:

  • Letter of application
  • List of appendices
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Account of academic qualifications
  • List of publications
  • Account of teaching qualifications
  • Account of other qualifications
  • Academic works and any educational works being brought to bear
  • List of referees

Note! Applications and appendices must be submitted digitally on the recruitment portal My Network. Any cited publications that are not in digital format must be sent in three copies to the Faculty of Social Sciences, Uppsala University, Box 256, 751 05 Uppsala. Please clearly mark the envelope/package with the reference number UFV-PA 2021/1787.

About the Department

The Department of Government have been conducting research and educating students for nearly 400 years. Today the department provides a vibrant and internationally successful research and teaching environment. With around 50 faculty members and 40 PhD-students, the department is recognized as one of the leading political science departments in the Nordic countries. The department’s faculty consists of teachers and researchers covering all the major fields of political science. See more at:

About the Employer: Uppsala University

Note or Other details

The post of Associate Senior Lecturer may be held for up to four years with the right to be assessed for promotion to Senior Lecturer. The criteria for promotion to Senior Lecturer can be found here: Appointment regulations for Uppsala University

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Contact details

For additional information on the appointment, please contact: please contact: Li Bennich-Björkman (Head of Department); phone 018-471 3456, email:

Advertisement Details: One or more Associate Senior Lecturers in Political Science – orientation towards Development Studies

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