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PhD student position in Political Science at Social Sciences Division, Lulea University of Technology, Sweden 2022

Qualification Details

For eligibility as a PhD student in Political Science, you will need a Degree of Master with Political Science (or related area) as main subject/main area, alternatively a Degree of Master within an adjacent area. Selection criteria Selection and ranking among applicants will consider each student’s ability to complete research studies. Applicants will be assessed not only according to their qualifications in respect of the depth and breadth of their previous studies, but also as regards their critical and analytical abilities in terms of scientific output, such as their thesis work from undergraduate and advanced levels and, where applicable, other scientific output. As part of your application you should submit your thesis/dissertation from your advanced studies. The scientific and linguistic qualities of the thesis/dissertation will be an additional assessment criterion. In addition, we greatly value independence, sense of initiative, creativity, and good collab-oration skills for this particular position.Apart from the above, the following criteria will be used to assess candidates for the positions:- Good methodological skills- Interest in, and ability in respect of, collaborating across disciplinary boundaries- Previous experience of working with issues related to renewable energy, land-use, conflicts of interest, policy- and decision-making processes, and acceptance/acceptability- Good ability to communicate good ability to communicate orally and in writing in Swedish and EnglishFor further information about a specific subject see; General curricula for the Board of the faculty of humanities and social sciences

Responsibilities/Job Description

We are looking for a PhD student in Political Science. As a PhD student within the Political science unit you will be part of the research environment of the Social Sciences Division, which has some 50 employees. You will be placed in the Political Science unit, which has around 15 employees. Research at the Social Sciences Division is oriented towards social science aspects of natural resource, environmental and energy issues. Research at the Division is carried out in intra-disciplinary as well as in multidisciplinary projects where economists collaborate with the other disciplines in the Division, as well as with other researchers within the university and elsewhere. We strive for a clear international orientation in our research. Subject description Political Science is the scientific study of politics and political systems, and comprises both empirical and theoretical studies. The research is primarily concerned with issues regarding how individuals and interest groups as well as various political and administrative systems deal with natural resources, energy and environmentally related conflicts and agreements. Disciplinary orientation is mainly public policy and administration, institutional analysis, comparative politics, public opinion studies and political theory. Project description The PhD-position is funded by the Swedish Energy Agency as part of the research school Energy systems. As a PhD-student you will be part of the research school and participate actively in its activities. You will work in the project The importance of physical and socio-political factors for wind power deployment, which is conducted in close collaboration with researchers and PhD-students at Chalmers University of Technology and The University of Gothenburg. The aim of the project is to identify, analyze, and quantify socio-political and institutional factors that constrain the potential for expanding renewable energy production both in Sweden and in the rest of Europe. Your part of the project focuses mainly on comparative case-studies that employ both qualitative and quantitative methods. Duties As a PhD student, you are expected to be part of the research environment at the Division. This means gaining practical research experience by publishing scientific papers in journals and presenting at national and international conferences, and conducting research within one or several of the projects carried out in the Division. You will also take PhD courses, and participate in the activities arranged by the Energy Systems research school. You may also have the opportunity of trying the teacher role. An individual study plan will be set up for your PhD and will be followed up at the end of each semester.You will be based in Luleå, but your PhD studies will also entail taking courses elsewhere. You will also need to travel for research and conferences. These academic ventures will help you develop valuable contacts both within Sweden and internationally. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to influence Departmental, Divisional, and unit activities, and we therefore value people with initiative and drive.A PhD student’s work is problem oriented. You will develop your skills in identifying, delimiting, formulating, and addressing political science problems. You will also develop your skills in working on theoretical and analytical issues.

How to Apply?

Application Method: online_applicationRef. No. 4698-2022

Application Procedure

We prefer that you apply for the position via the application button below, where you attach a personal letter with a justification of interest in postgraduate studies, CV/resume, references, master's/master's thesis, and copies of verified diplomas. Please mark your application with the reference number below. Both the application and degree certificate must be written in Swedish or English.

Note or Other details

Employment as a PhD student is limited to 4 years, teaching and other department duties may be added with max 20%. Salary is paid in accordance with current agreements. We look positively on you being able to get started as soon as possible. Union representatives: SACO-S Kjell Johansson, (+46)920-49 1529, (+46)920-49 or OFR-S Lars Frisk, (+46)920-49 1792 lars.frisk@ltu.seLuleå University of Technology is actively working on equality and diversity that contributes to a creative study- and work environment. The University's core values are based on respect, trust, openness, and responsibility. In case of different interpretations of the English and Swedish versions of this announcement, the Swedish version takes precedence.

Contact Details

For further information about the position, please contact Simon Matti, Professor and Chair of the Political Science unit, + 46 920 492331, or Jerry Blomberg, Head of the Social Sciences Division, + 46 920 492335,