Senior lecturer in environmental psychology, focus on supportive outdoor environments for health and well-being


Faculty of Landscape Architecture, Horticulture and Crop Production Science

Department of People and Society

The Department of People and Society conducts education and research within the areas of environmental psychology and business management, focusing on people and their environment. Read more here. The subject group Environmental Psychology is responsible for basic and applied research as well as education on the functions of outdoor environments and their impact on well-being, quality of life and health. For more information: see link.

Subject area

The subject for the position is environmental psychology, particularly regarding the psychological processes in connection with supportive outdoor environments for health, well-being, and everyday environments for people. The aim of the position is to develop knowledge within the subject area of environmental psychology with this specialisation. This includes methodological development, for instance within the SLU Multisensory outdoor laboratory, Sensola.


The candidate is expected to:

  • contribute to developing and strengthening the subject regarding research and education ranging from undergraduate to doctoral level studies,
  • Conduct research, produce scientific publications, apply for research grants, and supervise doctoral students,
  • conduct teaching, including supervision and examination at undergraduate and graduate levels,
  • take part in and develop teaching collaborations within the subject area, within the department and SLU as well as with similar subject areas at other higher education institutes in Sweden and internationally,
  • develop and strengthen cooperation and collaboration with the surrounding society.


The successful candidate shall:

  • have an undergraduate degree in psychology and hold a doctorate in environmental psychology, or equivalent,
  • possess scientific skills within the subject of the employment and a demonstrated ability to be granted external research funding,
  • have published in scientific journals relevant to the subject area,
  • demonstrate teaching skills (including supervision) at undergraduate and graduate levels,
  • have completed training in teaching in higher education corresponding to at least 10 weeks of studies, or have acquired corresponding knowledge in some other way,
  • have good knowledge in English.

The department has a parallel linguistic working environment. The senior lecturer will be able to conduct most academic tasks in English. However, as Swedish is the official working language of the university, the candidate is expected to gain a functional level of Swedish or a Scandinavian language within four years of taking up the position. The department is committed to providing support for the candidate to achieve this objective.

Assessment criteria

Assessment criteria for appointment will primarily be based on the degree to which the applicant possesses the required qualifications specified for the position. Equal attention will be paid to the assessment of teaching proficiency and the assessment of academic skills.

The assessment of teaching skills will consider:

  • planning, conducting, and evaluating teaching within the subject of the employment or a similar discipline,
  • supervision and examination of students,
  • ability to integrate research and a scientific approach in teaching.

Experience of modern teaching methodology, such as digital teaching methods and e-based learning, will be paid regard to.

The assessment of scientific skill will consider:

  • the applicant’s ability to develop the research in the subject area of the position, for example the ability to receive research grants and publish in scientific journals and books.

Moreover, regard will be paid to a strong network for collaboration which can be of use for the teaching and research at the department, communicative skills, and ability to cooperate. Special emphasis will be on the scope of competence within the field of environmental psychology, with experience of qualitative as well as quantitative studies. It is particularly qualifying if the candidate is active within research as well as more applied development activities within health and environment/sustainability. Emphasis will also be attached to the candidate’s personal suitability and other abilities.

Final date for application:


Place of work:




Form of employment:

Permanent employment

Starting date:

According to agreement


It is desirable that the application is written in English, because the applications will be evaluated by expert advisers both inSweden and abroad.“Appointment procedures for SLU” and “General assessment criteria for the appointment of teachers” can be found here.Please apply by clicking on the apply-button below.

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