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Research area

VID Specialized University has two 100% positions as PhD Research Fellows within the thematic area of History of Education and Citizenship Education. The PhD research fellows are connected to the project Transloyalties in Citizenship Education (TransCit) established with funds from the Research Council of Norway, portfolio Education and Competence (projectnumber 334299).TransCit’s objective is to develop a historical and empirically grounded framework for citizenship education in history teaching that includes perspectives of transloyalties. This will be done through an analysis of conceptualizations of citizenship education on different levels (local, national and global). The focus is on various ways countries conduct(ed) citizenship education through history teaching in historical and contemporary societies. Citizenship education is traditionally perceived as closely related to patriotism and a historical Grand Narrative of the nation. How is citizenship education taught today? Does it take into account the many layers of loyalties in the new multicultural classrooms? What implications can the multicultural and transloyal classroom entail for history education and citizenship education?

Archival and empirical studies, involving educational action research, will be done in four case countries that represent different contexts: Madagascar, South Africa, Mauritius, and Norway. Each PhD research fellow will focus on one of the following contexts: Madagascar, South Africa or Mauritius. TransCit is a collaborative project between researchers at VID and researchers at the University of Stavanger, the University of Antananarivo, the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal and the University of Mauritius.A summary of the project can be found here:https://www.vid.no/en/research/forskningsprosjekter/transciteng/

PhD programmes at VID

The position as research fellow aims at achieving a PhD Degree after completed research training at one of the University’s PhD programmes. An achieved PhD degree is a relevant qualification for positions within and outside academia.

The length of the PhD position is 3 years. The position will be within the PhD programme in Theology and Religion. Candidates that do not fulfil the admission requirements for the PhD programme in Theology and Religion, might be considered for the PhD programme in Diaconia, Values and Professional Practice. More information about the PhD programmes at VID can be found on our website:VID’s PhD programmes – VID Specialized University

Applicants are requested to specify the connection between their own project proposal and one of the PhD programme (see “Template for project description”). General criteria for appointment as a research fellow are stipulated in the Regulations concerning terms and conditions of employment for the posts of post-doctoral research fellow, research fellow, research assistant and resident. The position will organizationally be located at the Center of Mission and Global Studies, alternatively at the Centre for Diaconia and Professional Practice. The workplace can be located in Stavanger or Oslo. The research fellows will join VID’s research group Research on the Intercultural History of Christianity (RethinC )https://wo.cristin.no/as/WebObjects/cristin.woa/wa/presentasjonVis?pres=560989&type=GRUPPE.

The Research fellows will also be invited to meetings in the research group Diversity, Inclusion and Education (Mangfold, inkludering og utdanning | Universitetet i Stavanger (uis.no)) at the University of Stavanger (UiS).

Qualifications and personal abilities

Requirements for the position:

  • Master’s degree (120 ECTS) in education, history of education, history of religion or other fields of study relevant to the call. Grades on the master’s thesis and relevant average grades on the master’s program must both normally correspond to B or better in order to be considered
  • Good written and oral presentation skills in English
  • Ability to work targeted and independently
  • Be prepared to conduct a longer fieldwork in one of the cases countries (Madagascar, South Africa, Mauritius)

The following are also desirable:

  • Knowledge of language and culture in one of the case countries
  • Knowledge of the History of Education in Africa and the different actors within education (e.g. colonial and local governments and religious actors such as mission organizations and churches)
  • Experience with educational action research
  • Experience with relevant research and development work
  • Ability to work well with others
  • Ability to carry out and complete major tasks

In an overall assessment of the applicants, emphasis is put on personal qualifications, relevant competence and research experience.

Diversity is one of the characteristics of a good working environment. We encourage all qualified candidates to apply, regardless of gender, functional abilities and cultural background. VID would like to have more people with a minority background in scientific positions and people with a minority background are therefore encouraged to apply.

Project description

All applicants must write a project description. The project description must use the following template: VID’s template for project descriptions – file – VID Specialized University. It is important that all points mentioned in the template are covered in the project description. The project description must be written in English. The length of the project description should be of minimum 3500 words and maximum 4500 words (references, tables and all other text included). To situate their project within TransCit, applicants are asked to contact the project leader Ellen Vea Rosnes (ellen.rosnes@vid.no) to get access to the overall project description.

We offer

  • Opportunities of academic development with highly qualified and committed colleagues
  • A value-based and church based specialized university with high academic teaching- and research ambitions relevant to society and the church
  • Membership in the State Pension Plan with beneficial loan- and pension terms
  • VID conforms to the main agreement between the Enterprise Federation of Norway (VIRKE) and Employees Union.  The position is placed under code 1017 “stipendiat” of the collective agreement (NOK 501 200). The salary will be adjusted yearly according to the collective agreement. The salary will be adjusted yearly according to the collective agreement.


Please upload the application, CV, diplomas, transcripts, diploma supplements and project description through the «Apply here» link above. It is the full responsibility of the applicant to submit a complete application. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Diploma supplements for non-Norwegian diplomas must be included when relevant. Documents in other languages than English or Norwegian, must include an official translation as well. For applicants with an education that cannot be documented with Diploma Supplements, confirmation of education, its content and grade must be produced.

A sorting committee will select the applications and are to be assessed by the expert committee. Please note that applicants not selected for expert assessment will not receive a written evaluation of the project description. The decision of the sorting committee will not be distributed.

Applicants will be assessed by an expert committee based on applicant competence, relevance to the call and the quality of the project description.

Emphasis will also be placed on the interview conducted with relevant applicants. References will also be obtained for relevant applicants, and it is requested that 2-3 references are identified in the application. Applicants invited to the interview must be able to submit certified copies of diplomas and certificates.

If you have documents that cannot be sent electronically, please contact HR-department at merethe.gulliksen@vid.no

Application deadline: 15. February 2023

Starting date: 1. September 2023

For further information about the position contact the project leader Ellen Vea Rosnes at +4741144476 or ellen.rosnes@vid.no

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