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Jun 30, 2023 21:59:00 GMT+00:00
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EGB invites applications for a vacant position for a 2-year postdoc in Business and Government with a 37,5% teaching load. The postdoc will be part of the project “Tycoon Candidates: Why Wealthy Business Candidates Get Elected for Office and How it Matters”. The project is led by professor (mso) Mogens K. Justesen and funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark. The postdoc will be based at the Department of International Economics, Government and Business (EGB). 

EGB is a multidisciplinary department that conducts high-quality research in the fields of international business and political science with direct relevance to business, policymakers, and the public. Research at the department focuses on two principal focus areas Business & Government and International Business, in relation to societal challenges. These challenges include the consequences of inequality; the impact of technological change and digital transformation; the ethical dilemmas facing MNEs, regulatory challenges, the changes brought about by emerging markets and the rise of Asia; the consequences of global shifts for public policy, and the relationship between business and democracy. Faculty apply advanced quantitative and qualitative methods to generate systematic knowledge about business-government relations and international business relations. To learn more about the research and education of the department, please visit the departmental homepage here.

The project

The “Tycoon Candidate” project consists of two work packages. Work package I examines why ordinary voters – including low-income groups – sometimes support wealthy businesspeople running for office in democratic elections. Work package II moves on to examine how the election of businesspeople for political offices matters for the firms they are connected to, and public policies provided to voters and the wider society.

The postdoc will conduct work on Work Package II. The postdoc will be involved in collecting and analyzing firm-level data and matching it with data on election results and connections between political incumbents and firms. The postdoc will also be involved in developing the theoretical framework of the project and analyzing the data. Work Package II will collect and analyze data from a large cross section of democracies around the world as well a data at different levels of government for a select group of countries (including South Africa). It is essential that applicants have strong research potential within the area of the project. It is also essential that applicants have advanced skills in quantitative methods, particularly social data science, analysis of administrative data, firm-level data, and electoral data.

The postdoc will be part of a team conducting research within the project. Strong abilities to work on research in a team and collaborate/co-author with other team members is essential for the position. A certain amount of travelling and field work in connection with the project should be expected.

Non-exhaustive examples of research areas that the postdoc may cover:

  • Business-government relations
  • Money in politics
  • Political economy
  • Social data science

Much of EGB’s teaching is affiliated with the BSc/MSc in International Business and Politics (IBP); the BSc/MSc in International Business (IB); and the BSc in International Business in Asia (IBA).


The applicant must have completed – or be close to completing – a PhD in the political science, political economy, or a related field. The applicant must have excellent research and teaching skills and proficiency in English (written and spoken). The application must have solid skills in advanced quantitative methods.

To fulfill the research requirements of the position, the postdoc is expected to be physically present at the department on a regular basis. Teaching responsibilities may comprise undergraduate and graduate teaching and will be determined on the basis of the candidate’s profile.

Copenhagen Business School has a broad commitment to the excellence, distinctiveness and relevance of its teaching and research programs. Candidates who wish to join us should demonstrate enthusiasm for working in an organization of this type.  

Appointment and salary will be in accordance with the Ministry of Finance’s agreement with the Central Academic Organisation.

Applications must be sent via the electronic recruitment system, using the link below.

Applications must include:

A cover letter outlining the candidate’s main strengths and abilities.

Transcript(s) and a full CV

A complete, numbered list of publications (indicating titles, co-authors, page numbers and year) with an * marking of the academic productions to be considered during the assessment. A maximum of 5 publications for assessment are allowed. Applicants are requested to prioritise their publications in relation to the field of this job advertisement.

Copies of the publications marked with an *. Only publications written in English (or another specified principal language, according to research tradition) or one of the Scandinavian languages will be taken into consideration)

A brief (1-page) research statement for the 2 year postdoc period, and possibly beyond.

Recruitment procedure

The Recruitment Committee will shortlist a minimum of two applicants; when possible five or more applicants will be shortlisted. The shortlisted applicants will be assessed by the Assessment Committee. All applicants will be notified of their status in the recruitment process shortly after the application deadline.

The applicants selected for assessment will be notified about the composition of the Assessment Committee and later in the process about the result of the assessment.

Once the recruitment process is completed each applicant will be notified of the outcome of their application.

Closing date: June 30, 2023

Copenhagen Business School must receive all application material, including all appendices (see items above), by the application deadline.

For further information about the project, please contact: Professor (mso) Mogens K. Justesen, tel.: +45 3815 3564, e-mail

For further information about the department (EGB), please contact: Head of Department Jens Gammelgaard, e-mail

Details about Copenhagen Business School and the department are available at

Closing date: 30 June 2023.