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Associate Senior Lecturer Position in Industrial work-integrated learning with a focus on organizing university-industry collaboration


University West invites applications for an Associate senior lecturer in industrial work-integrated learning with a focus on organizing university-industry collaboration, at the Department of Economy and IT, Sweden – Jun 2022

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General Info

Position: Associate senior lecturer
No. of Positions: 1
Research Field: , ,
Deadline to Apply: Expired
Joining Date: ASAP
Contract Period: 4 Years
Salary: According to standard norms

Department of Economy and IT

University West, Sweden


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Qualification Details

To be qualified for the position as an associated senior lecturer you need to have obtained a doctoral degree or achieved equivalent competence within in industrial work-integrated learning or equivalent area. Including but not limited to disciplines such as organizational science, business administration, production systems, pedagogy, sociology, and work science.

Applicants who have obtained a doctoral degree or achieved the equivalent competence in five years or less prior to the end of the application deadline will be given priority.

The employment also requires:

  • Excellent oral and written communications skills in English.
  • Ability to teach in Swedish.
  • Necessary personal capabilities to fully carry out the duties of the appointment in collaboration with others.

The following skills will be considered meritorious:

When assessing skills, abilities consideration is given to the subject area of the employment, subject description and tasks described above.

  • Experience of planning, initiation, management and development of research applications and projects.
  • International contact areas and academic networks.
  • Administrative proficiency, as well as the ability to take responsibility for and undertake teaching in all levels as well as in postgraduate studies about the subject.
  • Degree of skill and experience in developing and leading university activities.
  • Proven ability to collaborate with colleagues and the surrounding community and to inform about research and development work.
  • Scientific skills in the subject field and the ability to develop research- and educational activities in collaboration with colleagues

Assessment criteria

Special importance will be given to scientific skills in the subject field and the ability to develop research- and educational activities in collaboration with collegues and surrounding community. In addition, pedagogical skills in the subject field will be assessed. The subject field of the employment, the field description and work tasks should be taken into account, when evaluating the applicants skills.

Responsibilities/Job Description

Industrial work-integrating learning (I-WIL)

Industrial work-integrated learning (I-WIL) is a prioritized area within University West. I-WIL were created with aim of reflect the specific challenges and opportunities of the industry sector. I-WIL research are expected to further develop the WIL (work-integrated learning) focus of the University West, regard to research and education. I-WIL are also expected to take a particular responsibility in develop end design activities for collaboration and co-production with the industrial sector. I-WIL is an interdisciplinary subject linked to reference disciplines such as organizational science, business administration, industrial engineering and management, production systems, pedagogy, sociology, media and communication science, work science and cognitive science.

In I-WIL we pay attention to research and education related to knowledge about methods, models and support techniques for the “new” workplaces that are being transformed, for instance under the wave of industry 4.0. Knowledge of how we as individuals and organizations can learn, collaborate, and make decisions in such situations becomes invaluable to efficiently perform in organizations of Industry 4.0 and Production 2030.

This position will be a fundamental part of building I-WIL’s research area (I-WIL). The core of the I- WIL group now consists of 3 professors, 5 associate professors, 8 lectures and 4 PhD students. The group has about 7 running projects and has about 25 million SEK turnover in budget in 2020.

Role description

The task will consist of research as well as education and teaching at bachelor and advanced level. An important part of the work is to engage in relationship-building activities of I-WIL within university West. You are also expected to become involved in existing industrial partnerships as well become engaged in developing new, actively be involved in and take responsibility for research applications and other activities to allocated external funding for research area of I-AIL, as well relevant research projects as well as manage student projects.

The research focus in the advertised position will be oriented towards University-industry collaboration, with a particular emphasis how such collaboration is organized and designed and what is produced in the intersection of industrial and academic actors engaged in joint collaborative research projects. There is strong discourse in the contemporary debate emphasizing the importance and value of university- industry collaboration in producing competitive and sustainable conditions for technical and social development. Within University West, this ambition is mirrored and expressed in the focus on collaborative design in research projects and its emphasis on co-production of research results. However, considering the central role given to university-industry collaboration and the number of now ongoing research project within University West, designed with this focus in mind, we still know little of the effects of such collaboration both in terms of practical implication for the actors involved, and as a research approach able to produce and publish relevant, and state of the art academic results. A particular conceptual interest within this research theme is how, if at all, researcher and company representatives’ balances shifting, and potentially conflicting, interests such as practical usefulness, industrial relevance, professional integrity, and academic rigor, inherent in this type of close collaborative research designs.

A further aim with this project, and with a particular value for University West, is to provide useful input and to become involved in the development of strategies, methods, and techniques for a sustainable, balanced, and functional university-industry collaboration – what we refer to as Quality Models for Understanding Learning - within Primus in particular, and for university-industry collaboration more generally. Given the research focus for the proposed position, interest and understanding of theories and perspectives related to socio-technical studies as well as practice theory is welcomed, as both human and technical abilities and activities will form essential elements of the research and educational practice.

How to Apply?

Application Method: Online Application
Ref. No.: 2022/121

Application Procedure

During the selection process interviewing, example lecturing and referencing may be relevant. The applications should be made digitally using our recruitment tool.

For information about the design of the application, please see the guidelines for employment and promotion of teachers at University West: University West - Job opportunities (hv.se)

Documents that cannot be sent digitally, such as books and publications, should be labelled with reference number R 2022/121 and sent in two copies.

The application is sent to:Högskolan VästHR461 86 Trollhättan Sweden

In case of questions about the position, please contact Lars Walter  at 0520-223621 or [email protected]

We decline any direct contact with staffing and recruitment companies, as well as recruitment advertisers.

About the Employer:

Note or Other details

Terms of employment

The position can be held for a maximum of four (4) years. It is expected that an associate senior lecturer applies for a promotion to a senior lecturer. If the candidate is deemed suitable and fulfills the criteria for promotion established by the faculty board he/she shall be promoted to a senior lecturer. Such a promotion implies a permanent position as a senior lecturer.

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Contact details

  • Lars Walter , 0520223621
  • Stefan Hellman (head of department), 0739013340
  • Sofie Stenqvist (HR), [email protected]

Advertisement Details:

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