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Associate Researcher Job in Experimental Oncology – Bioinformatics, Lund, Sweden – Oct 2021

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Lund University recruits Associate Researcher in Experimental Oncology at the Department of Laboratory Medicine, Faculty of Medicine – Sweden, Oct 2021.

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General Info

Position: Associate Researcher
No. of Positions: 1
Research Field: ,
Deadline to Apply: Expired
Joining Date: Nov 15, 2021
Contract Period: Not Mentioned
Salary: According to Standard Norms

Faculty of Medicine
Department of Laboratory Medicine
Lund University

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Qualification Details

The position requires:

  • PhD degree in bioinformatics, computational biology, or equivalent
  • Knowledge in programming with R and Python
  • Experience in project management
  • Experience in bioinformatics studies of the microenvironment of the tumor
  • Experience in bioinformatics analysis of data from single cell RNAseq, and integration of large-scale datasets
  • Experience in bioinformatics analysis of paracrine communication between the tumor's different cell types
  • Documented knowledge in oral and written communication in English

Great emphasis will be placed on personal suitability. You must have a good ability to work independently and take initiatives. You must also have excellent communication and collaboration skills as we work closely within the research team.

The following are merits for the position:

  • Postdoctoral experience within a subject relevant for the project

Responsibilities/Job Description

The associate researcher will conduct high-resolution and large-scale studies of cancer using computational biology and bioinformatics methods.

How to Apply?

Online Application through "Apply Now" Button from this page or from advertisement webpage (URL below)

Reference Number: -PA2021/3060
(If any, use it in the necessary place)

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Documents Required

The application must contain a personal letter describing how you fulfill the desired qualifications, a CV and diploma.

About the Research Group

The research group Experimental Oncology at the Division of Translational Cancer Research, led by Professor Kristian Pietras, is driven by the belief that a tumor is a communicating organ consisting of several cell types that jointly develop into the deadly disease cancer. Tumors are heterogeneous and contain malignant cells with different proliferative and metastatic potential. Although it is a well-established fact that the microenvironment of the tumor strongly contributes to the growth and development of a tumor, we do not know much about heterogeneity within cell types in the tumor stroma. Our strategy combines high-definition studies of basic biological concepts with the use of advanced mouse models of cancer and exclusive clinical patient materials to study the microenvironment in cancer initiation, progression and resistance to treatment. Here, you can read more about our research.

We follow Lund University's rules and guidelines regarding work environment and values. We listen to and value everyone's opinions and try to weigh in different positions before decisions are made.

About the Employer: Lund University

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Contact details

  • Kristian Pietras, recruiting manager, +46462226429
  • Emelie Falck, HR coordinator, 046-2220000

Advertisement Details: Associate Researcher in Experimental Oncology

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