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Associate Professor Vacancy – Performing or Creative Music Practice, NMH, Norway, Jan 2022

Norway, Norwegian Academy of Music (NMH)

The Norwegian Academy of Music (NMH) invites applications for an Associate Professor of Performing or Creative Music Practice / Head of the NordART Center at the Norwegian Academy of Music and the position is responsible for the management of NordART, Arne Nordheim Center for Artistic Research, Norway – Jan 2022

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General Info

Position: Associate Professor
No. of Positions: 1
Research Field: , ,
Joining Date: ASAP
Contract Period: 4 Years
Salary: 650.300 NOK/Year

Academy and the NordART Center
The Norwegian Academy of Music (NMH)
Norwegian Academy of Music (NMH), Norway
Oslo, Norway

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Qualification Details

Applicants must document artistic qualifications at a high international level, in accordance with requirements for competence as an associate professor, within a performing or creative subject area that is relevant to the Academy's educational and R&D activities. In the application, the applicant should specify which subject area he or she claims to have associate professor competence within. Further information about the qualification requirements for associate professors may be obtained by contacting the Academy. The appointee has the opportunity to apply for a personal promotion to full professor if he/she believes to qualify as such. However, such an application cannot be submitted together with the application for the position.

In addition to artistic qualifications at a high international level, applicants must document:

  • Relevant experience in the management of artistic R&D projects
  • Ability to and experience from initiating, developing and implementing R&D projects
  • Experience in initiating and developing applications for external R&D funding
  • Relevant experience from teaching and supervision at master's and PhD levels
  • Knowledge of and connections to relevant national and international professional networks and sufficient knowledge of the performing and creative music field

In the assessment of applicants, emphasis will also be placed on e.g.:

  • Personal suitability, including leadership qualities and teamworking skills
  • Ability and willingness to facilitate and provide support for the professional development of colleagues at different career stages
  • Qualifications and experience within experimental/innovative forms of musical expression
  • Experience from artistic development work / artistic research that is cross-genre or that explores and challenges the boundaries between different art forms
  • Detailed knowledge of PhD programmes in artistic research, preferably through teaching in such programmes or through own PhD education
  • Experience from collaboration with scientific research environments and/or from own scientific research
  • Thorough understanding of the national and international discourses on artistic research

The appointee must be able to communicate, teach and supervise in one of the Scandinavian languages (Norwegian, Swedish, Danish), as well as in English. If the candidate does not have satisfactory oral and written Scandinavian language skills, he or she will be expected to acquire the necessary level of proficiency within a reasonable period of time (two years). Good oral and written presentation skills in English are required.

Applicants should, in an appendix to the application, provide a systematic and comprehensive summary of their teaching qualifications, based on formal education, courses and/or practical teaching experience. It is a requirement that all associate professors at the Academy have completed a programme for university-level teaching (of a minimum of 200 hours) or other relevant courses leading to equivalent qualifications, and through this and their own practical teaching experience have developed basic skills in planning, implementation, evaluation and development of teaching and supervision. The requirement for a completed programme will not be emphasized in the ranking of applicants, but applicants who do not meet the requirement at the time of appointment will be required to fulfil it within two years of employment. The Academy will provide the necessary courses.

The applicants’ qualifications will be assessed by an expert panel. The committee will focus primarily on the assessment of submitted documentation of artistic, teaching and other qualifications. Shortlisted applicants will also be invited to a trial teaching/supervision assignment and an interview. Artistic documentation, up to 15 works, may be delivered in the form of links to publicly available websites or as audio/video files or the like. Audio and video files cannot be uploaded in the application portal and must therefore be delivered in another way, which is agreed in more detail with the Academy.

Responsibilities/Job Description

Scope and discipline

The vacancy is for a 100 % position, for a fixed period of 4 years from March 1, 2022, or from another time by further agreement.

The position is responsible for the management of NordART, Arne Nordheim Center for Artistic Research. NordART accommodates the majority of the academy's artistic research and development projects, as well as scientific R&D projects within musicological disciplines.

The position's subject area is relatively open, but limited to performing or creative subject areas which are relevant to educational and R&D activities at the Norwegian Academy of Music.

Duties and Responsibilities

Duties and responsibilities include management of NordART, own R&D work, as well as teaching and supervision at master's and PhD levels. Teaching assignments at the bachelor level may also be considered. We reserve the right to make any organizational changes that may lead to a change in responsibilities.

The management tasks are supposed to be performed in close collaboration with the Vice-Principal for R&D, relevant academic departments and the R&D administration.

It is required that the appointee actively contributes to strengthening research and development activities and the academic environment at the Academy in general, in accordance with the Academy's strategic objectives as formulated in the Academy’s overall strategic plan and the R&D strategy 2025. Particularly important is the strategic disposition of the Academy’s R&D resources and targeted efforts towards increased external funding of research and development projects.

How to Apply?

Online Application through "Apply Now" Button from this page

Reference Number: -
(If any, use it in the necessary place)

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Documents Required

Applications with all attachments must be submitted electronically at no later than January 31, 2022.

About the Academy and the NordART Center

The Norwegian Academy of Music (NMH) is a leading artistic and academic university college. The Academy is an internationally renowned institution, offering music education of the highest standard. The Norwegian Academy of Music educates performers, composers, conductors, music educators, and music therapists at undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate levels. The Academy hosts almost 400 concerts annually and is at the forefront of artistic development work and research in music. The Norwegian Academy of Music is located at Majorstuen in Oslo and has 750 students and 230 FTEs, with an annual budget of NOK 335 million. Read more at

NordART, Arne Nordheim Center for Artistic Research in Music, works to promote new, innovative and experimental practices in artistic and scientific research in music. The center accommodates both artistic and scientific PhD projects and projects involving senior researchers and other academic staff at the Norwegian Academy of Music, and has a large number of external partners. NordART intends to be a driving force, both nationally and internationally, in the work of promoting and developing artistic and scientific research in and through music.

About the Employer: Norwegian Academy of Music (NMH), Norway


The position is subject to the prevailing rules for staff at the Norwegian Academy of Music. The full-time position of Associate Professor is eligible for an annual salary of NOK 650.300 – 715.900 per year. For especially qualified applicants, it may be possible to offer a higher salary. From the salary 2 percent is deducted in statutory contributions to the Government Pension Fund.

The Norwegian Academy of Music has relatively few female associate professors. Women are therefore encouraged to apply. A female applicant will be given preference over a male applicant if their qualifications are otherwise considered to be equal.

The state workforce should broadly reflect the diversity of the population. It is therefore HR policy to achieve a balanced composition in terms of age and gender and to recruit staff with an immigrant background. People with an immigrant background are therefore encouraged to apply.

Please note that information about the applicants may be made public even if an applicant has requested not to be included in the public list of applicants, cf. the Freedom of Information Act Section 25, second paragraph. In that case, the applicant will be notified.


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Contact details

For further information about NordART and the position, please contact Principal Astrid Kvalbein,, +47 977 35 878, or Vice-Principal for R&D Sidsel Karlsen,, +47 476 63 970.

Advertisement Details: Associate Professor of Performing or Creative Music Practice / Head of the NordART Center at the Norwegian Academy of Music

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