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Tilburg University invites applications for an Associate Professor, you are responsible for the education and research within the Department of Tax Law, the Netherlands – Oct 2022

Qualification Details

Tilburg University is curious about how you can contribute to our research, education, impact, and to the team you will be part of. Therefore, we would like to get the best possible picture of your knowledge, insight, skills, and personality. Below you can find the qualifications we consider important for the position.

  • Thorough knowledge of Dutch tax law focused on family businesses and their owners;
  • Dissertation in the field of taxation of family owned businesses and their owners;
  • Wide experience in the field of education, research and management tasks as described above;
  • The ability and experience of attracting third-party funding for research- and educational projects;
  • A good control of Dutch and English;
  • BKO-certificate/ excellent didactic skills;
  • Academic integrity;
  • An active colleague with a team spirit who can stimulate other colleagues and PhD-students;
  • A list of exceptional (both qualitatively and quantitatively) publications;
  • (Inter)national recognition, e.g., evidenced by:
    • Quotations in prestigious (inter)national scientific publications;
    • Invitations to give lectures at (inter)national conferences;
    • A wide (inter)national network and participation in network events.
We also value the following personal qualifications:
  • You demonstrate personal leadership: you take responsibility for your work and career and possess a good level of self-knowledge:
  • You have team spirit: you feel part of a team and express this through collaboration, sharing knowledge and experiences, and contributing to an open and inclusive work environment.
To maintain a vibrant and active university community, it is important that we meet each other regularly and that the connection between us remains good. Therefore, the premise is that all staff members carry out their work in the Netherlands and that lecturing is done physically.

Responsibilities/Job Description

As an Associate Professor, you are responsible for the education and research within the Department of Tax Law (part of the Fiscal Institute Tilburg, hereafter: FIT) and the Tilburg Institute for Family Businesses (hereafter: TiFB). FIT, Tilburg School of Economics and Management and Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences collaborate in TiFB. Besides education and research you will also be responsible for several management tasks. With respect to education you are responsible for the course Capita Selecta Taxation of Individuals (taxation of shareholders that qualify as ‘substantial participation holders‘ and their succession) and the multidisciplinary course Family Businesses and Succession. These courses are part of the master Tax Law and the master Tax Economics. You are not only responsible for the education, but you are also carrying the final responsibility for these two courses which are both offered in Dutch. Furthermore, you will contribute to start, develop and teach the new multidisciplinary (English) course named: Joining the Family Business. This course will be part of the bachelor Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation of Tilburg School of Economics and Management. You are also responsible for the multidisciplinary postmaster Family Businesses and Succession, which is offered by TiFB. Besides, you will supervise master theses, inter alia, in the field of family businesses (including the guidance of dual theses). Furthermore, you are deployable for other courses such as the bachelor thesis (with a strong emphasis on topics as mentioned above)). Next to a broad experience in the field of education, you have thorough knowledge about the taxation of the ‘substantial participation holder’ and the taxation of a business succession within a family business. This should be evident from a dissertation and excellent publications regarding these subjects. Your research offers a multidisciplinary reflection on positive tax law and should show evidence of scientific and social relevance. The effects of a business succession on the family, the company and the ownership have your special interest. This also includes comparative law research into other tax systems in Europe and the rest of the world. You are looking further than just from a tax perspective, mainly because of the multidisciplinary approach. Your research will be in the context of the TLS Signatureplan ’Connecting Organizations’. Within this Signatureplan researchers from various scientific fields - tax law (and economics), corporate law, labour law and civil law - cooperate. As a member of the daily board of TiFB you will have an important management job. Because TiFB is a university wide institute, you will cooperate with many schools: (in particular) TLS, Tilburg School of Economics and Management and Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences. The coordination between these faculties on the field of research and education will be a continual point of attention. You are capable of combining multiple fields of research in these different faculties and you stimulate multidisciplinary research. It is important to have a wide network of family businesses within the Netherlands and also to maintain various contacts with international research institutes focusing on the research in family businesses. Another part of your job is attracting third-party funding. Other management tasks will be attuned in consultation. The ratio between research, education and management will roughly be 40% - 40% - 20%.

How to Apply?

Application Method: online_applicationRef. No. 21072

Application Procedure

Address your cover letter to Prof. Dr. Geert Vervaeke (Dean TLS) and attach a detailed CV, publication list and at least one reference (including name, phone number and email address). We only approach referees for candidates going to the second round of selection. The first selection interviews will take place on November 21st, 2022. TLS uses structured interviews and part of this is a standing appointment advisory committee. This committee consists of the following members:

  1. Prof. dr. Maurice Adams, chair
  2. Prof. dr. Joseph Mc Cahery, member
  3. Prof. mr. Marc Loth, member
  4. Prof. dr. Mijke Houwerzijl, member
  5. Prof. dr. Morag Goodwin, member
  6. Prof. dr. Panos Delimatsis, member
The following people will be present at the interview: the chair, two members of the nomination advisory committee, a representative from the department and a secretary. Ideally, you will start working for Tilburg University on February 1st, 2023.

About the Team

FIT's core values are independence, quality, student focus, diversity and team spirit. The latter is reflected in mutual respect and the fact that we support each other when necessary. Our working atmosphere is fostered by joint lunches for the employees, workshops and meetings on, for example, educational innovation and peer review. The periodic professional lunches, in which one or more colleagues report on recent research findings, also strengthen the team focused character of the department. There is also a strong bond on a personal level. This is especially visible in the great willingness to jump in and take over work in difficult times.

About the Department

Since its founding in 1963, Tilburg Law School has become one of the leading law schools in Europe.  Through top research and the provision of high-quality university education, the School contributes to society. Tilburg Law School is organized into five Departments: Public Law and Governance; Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, Markets and Society; Private, Business and Labour Law; the Fiscal Institute Tilburg; and Criminal Law. The mission of the School is to understand and improve the role of law and public administration in addressing the social problems of today and tomorrow. Through research and education, our scholars contribute to that mission. More than 4,000 students pursue a Bachelor's, pre-Master's or Master's degree at Tilburg Law School. Through this education, we train students in law, public administration, and data science. The Tilburg Educational Profile (TEP) is unique in the Netherlands. Central to it are three core concepts: knowledge, skills, and character. A university education provides students with the latest substantive knowledge and trains them to be critical thinkers and resilient professionals. In addition, the School is committed to innovative educational concepts and, partly in response to the coronavirus crisis, has invested heavily in the quality of online education and in innovative didactic tools to make and keep students inquisitive. Tilburg Law School's research is highly regarded nationally and internationally. The Tilburg Law School Departments work closely together in their research in four signature research programs: 1) Global Law and Governance; 2) Law and Security; 3) Connecting Organizations; and 4) Regulating Socio-Technical Change. The Fiscal Institute Tilburg (FIT) has been providing academic education and conducting research in the field of Dutch and international taxation for more than fifty years. It is a partnership of scholars affiliated mainly with TLS and TiSEM, who focus on tax law (TLS), fiscal economy, and public finance. Both education and research focus not only on national and international tax law but also on European and global tax law, on comparative law with other legal systems, and on adjacent fields of science such as data science, criminal law, civil law, public law, philosophy, psychology, management, business economics, and general economics.

Conditions of Employment

Fixed-term contract: 18 months with possible permanent contract. Tilburg University offers excellent terms of employment with attention to flexibility and room for (personal) development. We recognize and reward our employees and encourage the use of talents and strengths. Tilburg University is committed to an open and inclusive culture, embracing diversity, and encouraging the mutual integration of groups of staff and students. We create equal opportunities for all our staff and students so that everyone feels at home in our university community. We work in a vibrant and lively (work) environment on our beautiful campus, close to the forest and easily accessible by public transport. We are committed to a sustainable society and challenge you to make an active contribution to this. For this position, we offer:
  • A position based on 0,8 – 1,0 (32 - 40 hours per week);
  • It is a vacancy for a permanent position in accordance with Article 2.3 paragraph 1 CLA for Dutch universities and concerns a temporary employment contract with the prospect of permanent employment. You will initially be given a temporary employment contract for the duration of 12 (internal candidates) or 18 months (external candidates). After this period you can get a permanent employment contract.
  • A salary of minimum €5.506 and maximum €6.702 gross per month for full time employment, based on UFO profile Associate Professor 2 and salary scale 13 of the Collective Labour Agreement for Dutch Universities. Tilburg University uses a neutral remuneration system for salary scaling that is based on relevant education and work experience;
  • Vacation allowance (8%) and a year-end bonus (8.3%);
  • Vacation days (41 days for a 40-hour work week);
  • Options Model for benefits and reimbursement of moving expenses;
  • Employees from outside the Netherlands may be eligible for a tax-free allowance of 30% of their taxable wages. We will apply for this reimbursement for you;
  • You will be enrolled in the General Pension Fund for Public Employers (ABP) through us;
  • Various training courses, for example in leadership skills, personal effectiveness, and career development;
  • A wide range of amenities and facilities and various arrangements to create an optimal work-life balance;
Visit working at Tilburg University for more information on our terms of employment.

Contact Details

More information about the vacancy can be obtained from Prof. Dr. Peter Essers / [email protected]