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Associate Professor Job of Fortepiano at Norwegian Academy of Music (NMH), Norway 2022


Associate Professor Job of Fortepiano at Norwegian Academy of Music (NMH), Norway 2022


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General Info

Position: Associate Professor
No. of Positions: 1
Research Field: ,
Deadline to Apply: Expired
Joining Date: Aug 01, 2022
Contract Period: 6 Years
Salary: NOK 563.900 - 626.100 per year


Norwegian Academy of Music (NMH), Norway


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Qualification Details

Applicants must provide documentation of significant achievements as a performer at a high international level, and extensive performance experience. Experience of teaching at a high level with good results will be emphasized in the assessment of applicants, as well as creativity and the ability of innovation within one's own artistic and educational activities

For more detailed information regarding the requirements necessary for appointment as Associate Professor, please contact the Academy.

The appointee must be able to communicate and teach in one of the Scandinavian languages (Norwegian, Swedish, Danish), as well as in English. If the appointee does not have satisfactory oral and written proficiency in a Scandinavian language, it is expected that such skills are acquired within a reasonable time (normally two years). Satisfactory oral and written proficiency in English is required.

In the assessment of applicants, emphasis will be placed on specialised qualifications, personal qualities and experience that are significant for the execution of the tasks entailed in the position, including professional insight and reflection, interpersonal skills, ability to initiate and ability to carry out projects.

Applicants should, in an appendix to the application, provide a systematic and comprehensive summary of their teaching qualifications, based on formal education, courses and/or practical teaching experience. It is a requirement that all associate professors at the Academy have completed a programme for university-level teaching (of a minimum of 200 hours) or other relevant courses leading to equivalent qualifications, and through this and their own practical teaching experience have developed basic skills in planning, implementation, evaluation and development of teaching and supervision. The requirement for a completed programme will not be emphasized in the ranking of applicants, but applicants who do not meet the requirement at the time of appointment will be required to fulfil it within two years of employment. The Academy will provide the necessary courses.

Applications will be assessed by an assessment committee. The committee will focus primarily on the evaluation of submitted documentation of artistic and teaching qualifications.  Initially, we only want applications with CV and any attachments in the form of certificates and diplomas, which are to be uploaded in the digital application portal. After the first assessment of this, we will ask selected candidates to submit additional documentation that they consider may be of importance. Any documentation delivered in physical format, including audio recordings, must be submitted in four copies.  Shortlisted candidates may be called upon to take part in an audition, trial teaching assignment and interview.

Responsibilities/Job Description

General description

The vacancy is a half time position available from 1 August 2022, for a fixed term of six years and with the possibility of renewal for a further term.

The position’s subject area is fortepiano and historically informed performance practice.

Duties and responsibilities comprise teaching and supervision of students, artistic research and development activities, and related administrative tasks. The position also includes responsibility for supervision and maintenance of the Academy’s fortepianos. The successful candidate is expected to actively collaborate with colleagues and to contribute to the Academy’s academic environment.

Teaching and supervision

Duties include teaching and supervision in fortepiano for piano students, as well as teaching and supervision in historically informed performance practice for students with other instruments.  Supervision through accompaniment of students may also be an option. Teaching and supervision will be mainly on bachelor’s and master’s level, but duties may also include supervision of doctoral students. Teaching assignments may also include other subjects, depending on the needs of the institution and the qualifications of the appointee, e.g. courses for piano tuning students on tuning and regulation of historical piano instruments.

We welcome applicants who show initiative and wish to plan and lead seminars and courses within their discipline, in collaboration with colleagues. The successful candidate will also participate in the preparation and execution of entrance auditions and examinations at the Academy.

Research and development activities

The Associate Professor of Fortepiano will be expected to maintain a high artistic level, principally through her or his own artistic activity and through research or development projects. The successful candidate will also be expected to contribute actively to the academic environment and the advancement of research and development work at the Academy, in accordance with the Academy’s strategic goals. It is expected that the R & D resource will be used in a systematic manner and primarily directed towards institution-relevant projects.

Administrative duties

Administrative tasks connected with teaching or relevant to the subject area or to the Academy in general are an integral part of the duties of the position.

How to Apply?

Application Method: Online Application
Ref. No.: -

Application Procedure

Application including CV and any certificates and diplomas should be sent in digital format via www.jobbnorge.no

About the Employer:

Note or Other details

The position is subject to the prevailing rules for staff at the Norwegian Academy of Music. The full-time position of Associate Professor is eligible for an annual salary of NOK 563.900 - 626.100 per year. For especially qualified applicants, it may be possible to offer a higher salary. From the salary, 2 percent is deducted in statutory contributions to the Government Pension Fund.

The Norwegian Academy of Music has relatively few female associate professors. Women are therefore encouraged to apply. A female applicant will be given preference over a male applicant if their qualifications are otherwise considered to be equal.

The state workforce should broadly reflect the diversity of the population. It is therefore HR policy to achieve a balanced composition in terms of age and gender and to recruit staff with an immigrant background. People with an immigrant background are therefore encouraged to apply.

We note that information about the applicants may be made public, even if the applicant has requested not to be listed on the public list of applicants, cf. section 25 (2) of the Freedom of Information Act. If so, the applicants will be notified in advance.

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Contact details

Further information about the position may be obtained by contacting the Head of Department Lina Braaten, telephone +47 915 88 553, Special Adviser Kjetil Solvik, telephone +47 957 21 905 or by email to [email protected].

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