Assistant Researcher at Lund Uni, Sweden 2022



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Assistant Researcher at Dep. of Clinical Sciences, Lund University, Sweden 2022

Qualification Details

  • PhD.
  • Good knowledge of mechanistic studies in cardiovascular research and matrix biology.
  • Good experience of histological staining with subsequent microscopy and analysis.
  • Good experience with immunoprecipitation, molecular biological techniques, cloning and transfections.
  • Good experience with live imaging with confocal microscopy.
  • Good knowledge of statistical analyzes with SPSS.
  • Experience of cell staining and sorting with FACS.
  • Good experience of in vitro work with cell lines and primary culture.
  • Experience of animal experiments with mice and cell culture systems.
  • Great emphasis will be placed on personal qualities. The duties require you to be flexible, good at communicating (including in English), solving problems and working in an international environment with both human and animal material.
  • Good experience in supervising students and PhD students.
  • Conducted international postdoc.
  • Knowledge of the ordering system within LU.
  • Experience in graphic design.

Responsibilities/Job Description

Studies including histology, biochemical analyzes and general antibody-based techniques such as (ELISA, flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry) on human atherosclerotic tissue. Extraction of tissue components and cells from atherosclerotic tissue (human and animal) and overview of mouse breeding.Mechanistic functional studies of tissue and cells with flow cytometry, PCR, western blot, multiplex cytokine analysis and in vitro studies (cell lines and primary cells).The work also includes statistical processing of collected data including correlation and survival analyses.

How to Apply?

Application Method: online_applicationRef. No. PA2022/3114

Application Procedure

Basic documents required for the application

About the Department/Section/Group

At the research group Cardiovascular Research Translational Studies, the research focus is atherosclerosis and cardiovascular complications. The research has been at the forefront nationally and internationally in the field for several years. The group is led by Professor Isabel Goncalves and consists of research and technical staff. The business is located at CRC in Malmö. Here (çalves) you can read more about our exciting research. Within the research group, we prioritize a good working environment with respect and consideration in our relationships with each other, and strive for a workplace that is experienced as developing and stimulating for all employees. We constantly work to create conditions for job satisfaction, development and participation for all employees. We protect both physical safety and the psychosocial work environment.

Note or Other details

offer Lund University is a government agency, which means that you receive special benefits, generous holidays, a flexitime agreement and a favorable occupational pension.

Contact Details

  • Sarah Quist, personalsamordnare, +4640391055
  • Isabel Goncalves, rekryterande chef , [email protected]