Assistant Professor to the Jensen Lab at University of Copenhagen, Denmark 2022



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Assistant Professor to the Jensen Lab at The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Stem Cell Medicine (reNEW), University of Copenhagen, Denmark 2022

Qualification Details

The candidate is required to hold a PhD degree in biology or similar. The successful candidate is expected to have extensive hands-on experience with 3D culture of epithelial organoids from the fetal and adult intestinal system. Furthermore, the candidate is expected to be proficient in high-content imaging and data analysis, immunofluorescence and confocal imaging, 3D image data analysis, flow cytometry and in performing in vivo experiments in genetic mouse models of experimental colitis. The successful candidate is expected to have a strong record of publications in relevant peer-reviewed scientific journals and is expected to be able to effectively communicate research findings in written and oral English.

Responsibilities/Job Description

The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Stem Cell Medicine (reNEW) at the Faculty of Health & Medical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen is looking for an assistant professor. The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Stem Cell Medicine, reNEW has its Hub at the University of Copenhagen (UCPH) as well as nodes at UCPH, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and Leiden University Medical Center. Researchers within reNEW addresses fundamental questions in stem cell and developmental biology and will pivot research findings to clinical outcomes and products for patients with incurable degenerative disorders such as congenital kidney and heart disorders, type 1 diabetes, Parkinsons’ disease and inflammatory bowel disease. We are recruiting a candidate to develop of a high-throughput screening platform using intestinal organoids in the group of Professor Kim Jensen. The team focuses on tissue regeneration in the large bowel to gain a better insight into the process of regeneration and to identify new potential therapeutic targets that can enhance the repair process following damage. To achieve this, they utilize patient derived organoid models, advanced gene editing, state-of the-art transcriptomic as well as screening combined with imaging approaches. Job description: We are looking for a candidate with a strong background in developmental and stem cell biology to study the cellular and molecular mechanisms of epithelial cell reprogramming during intestinal epithelial injury using high-content compound library screening in 3D cultures of intestinal organoids. Findings are expected to be translated to pre-clinical mouse models of colitis using small compound therapeutic interventions or orthotopic transplantation of cells to induce healing of the damaged intestinal barrier in such models.

How to Apply?

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Application Procedure

The application must include:

  1. Motivated letter of application (Max. one page)
  2. CV incl. education, work/research experience, language skills and other skills relevant for the position
  3. A certified/signed copy of a) PhD certificate and b) Master of Science certificate. If the PhD is not completed, a written statement from the supervisor will do
  4. List of publications
  5. Teaching portfolio (If applicable)

Note or Other details

Terms of salary, work, and employment The average weekly working hours are 37 hours per week. The employment is for 18 months and will start March 2023 or upon agreement with the chosen candidate. The place of work is at reNEW, University of Copenhagen, Blegdamsvej 3B, Copenhagen. Salary, pension and other conditions of employment are set in accordance with the Agreement between the Ministry of Taxation and AC (Danish Confederation of Professional Associations) or other relevant organisation. Currently, the monthly salary starts at 35,000 DKK/approx. 4,700 EUR (October 2021 level). Depending on qualifications, a supplement may be negotiated. The employer will pay an additional 17.1 % to your pension fund. Foreign and Danish applicants may be eligible for tax reductions if they hold a PhD degree and have not lived in Denmark the last 10 years. The position is covered by the Job Structure for Academic Staff at Universities 2020. Foreign applicants may find the following links useful: (International Staff Mobility) and Your application must be submitted in English by clicking “Apply online”. Only online applications will be accepted. The application will be assessed according to the Ministerial Order no. 284 of 25 April 2008 on the Appointment of Academic Staff at Universities. The University of Copenhagen encourages all interested in the position to apply. Application deadline: 17 October 2022, 23:59 pm CET The further processAfter the expiry of the deadline for applications, the authorized recruitment manager selects applicants for assessment on the advice of the hiring committee. All applicants are then immediately notified whether their application has been passed for assessment by an unbiased assessor. Once the assessment work has been completed each applicant has the opportunity to comment on the part of the assessment that relates to the applicant him/herself. You can read about the recruitment process at The applicant will be assessed according to the Ministerial Order no. 242 of 13 March 2012 on the Appointment of Academic Staff at Universities.

Contact Details

For further information please contact Professor Kim Bak Jensen at [email protected]