Lecturer in English with a specialisation in language proficiency

Ref LiU-2022-04237Skilled and committed employees are a crucial factor in the success of Linköping University. And we need more of them. Our core expertise comes from teachers and researchers, but a successful university requires experienced and motivated employees in many fields. Everyone is important. We need to recruit many new employees thanks to, among all, an expansion in our research activity. We need you here. We look forward to receiving your application! The Department of Culture and Society is devoted to education and research within the humanities, arts and social sciences. Our work is often pursued in inter- and multidisciplinary environments where language, culture and society are in focus. As a department we aspire to strengthen the position of the humanities and social sciences in society, and we view collaboration between education, research and the world around us as a prerequisite for success. The department is based in both Linköping and Norrköping.


hereby advertises a position as

Lecturer in English with a specialisation in language proficiency

formally based at the Department of Culture and Society

Appointment programme

The position is placed in the subject English, part of the Division for Language, Culture and Interaction, within the Department of Culture and Society (IKOS). Within the subject English, English is taught in a number of teacher programs (from preschool to high school), professional languages and single-subject courses in English, as well as within the bachelor’s program, Language, Literature and Media (SLM). In addition, the subject of English is responsible for Academic English Support and English language workshops at the university where all students can come for assistance with academic writing and oral presentation in English. Teaching may take place at a distance as well as in the evening.

The employment primarily involves teaching, but can also include supervision, administration and course development within the aforementioned courses and programs.

The position also involves expanded collaboration with other subjects in the Subject Teacher Program at LiU. As teaching groups in schools today are often comprised of students with native languages other than Swedish, which has consequences for English teaching, we are particularly interested in teaching collaborations with Swedish as a second language. The holder of the position is expected to contribute to the professional development of this work group.

Documented pedagogical skills from teaching English is a requirement for this position. A senior high school teaching degree or equivalent in English is particularly meritorious. Documented pedagogical skills from teaching English at a university/college level, as well as completed courses in university and college pedagogy, are particularly meritorious. A senior high school teacher’s degree or equivalent in Swedish as a Second Language and documented pedagogical skills in teaching Swedish as a Second Language is meritorious.

It is also meritorious if the applicant has pedagogical skills from course development at the university/college level, as well as in course administrative work.

A requirement for the position is demonstrated skill in collegial cooperation.

As teaching within the framework of this employment takes place in both English and Swedish, an additional requirement is that the applicant can demonstrate documented pedagogical skills in teaching in both languages.


The duties assigned to teaching staff may comprise educational responsibilities or research, and administrative tasks. Teachers are also responsible for monitoring developments within their subject areas and developments in the wider community that are significant to their role as a teacher at a higher education institution. The holder of the appointment will participate in teaching at undergraduate and advanced levels.

Qualifications An applicant who has demonstrated teaching proficiency, and received a Master’s degree or has the equivalent expertise shall be qualified for appointment as an assistant lecturer.

Grounds for assessment

As grounds for assessment when appointing an assistant lecturer, the level of proficiency required to qualify for the appointment shall apply.   As much attention shall be given to the assessment of teaching proficiency as to other conditions of eligibility.   For this position special weight is given to teaching proficiency.  Teaching proficiency is demonstrated through the ability to convey relevant knowledge and skills, to stimulate students such that they drive their own learning process, to create engagement and interest in the subject area, and the ability to structure and organise both the content and forms of work in relation to the goals of the subject area. In addition, the teaching proficiency must have been demonstrated through the ability to contribute to the development and renewal of education and the ability to reflect on their own attitude to education and the results of their work.  The applicant should show an ability to teach in Swedish and English.

Starting date

August 2023/by agreement

Salary The University applies individual salary scales based on the experience of the employee and the labour market.

Union representatives

Information about union representatives, see Help for applicants.

Application procedure

Apply for the position by clicking the “Apply” button below. Your application must be received no later than February 9, 2023.  Applications and documents received after the date above will not be considered.  Please attach your selected research publications electronically, in pdf or word format, in the application template. Research publications, e.g. monographs, which cannot be sent electronically should be sent in three sets by mail to the University Registrar at Linköping University, University Registrar, S-581 83 Linköping, Sweden. The publications must be received by Linköping University no later than the deadline for application.

Please note that printed publications will not be returned. They will be archived at Linköping University.  In the event of a discrepancy between the English translation of the job announcement and the Swedish original, the Swedish version shall take precedent.

We welcome applicants with different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives – diversity enriches our work and helps us grow. Preserving everybody’s equal value, rights and opportunities is a natural part of who we are. Read more about our work with: Equal opportunities. We look forward to receiving your application! Linköping university has framework agreements and wishes to decline direct contacts from staffing- and recruitment companies as well as vendors of job advertisements.

Contact persons

Michael Smith

Associate professor, Director of Studies



Julien Renard

Head of division

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Petra Winsa

HR manager

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