A PhD student in Trustworthy Edge Computing

Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering

At the department, education is conducted in the subjects of computer engineering, electronics, electrical engineering and sound production. The research at the department takes place at the research center Sensible Things that Communicate (www.miun.se/stc) and deals with sensor-based systems and services for use within the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence.

The research center STC (Sensible Things that Communicate www.miun.se/stc) is looking for a PhD student in the field of trustworthy edge computing, with focus on secure Internet infrastructure for future solutions based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). The research is motivated by a need to secure the future of internet infrastructure in order to enable the development of products and services based on AI. Today’s fiber network in combination with the Internet of Things creates both opportunities and challenges for various stakeholders. This work enables secure data collection and computations which is a prerequisite for implementations of efficient AI and machine learning (ML).

It is necessary to securely share data and ensure who we share data with in order to create a secure system. This work will therefore focus on combinations of cloud, fog, edge, mist, and 5G Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC), with the involvement of various security solutions such as blockchain technology and powerful computing clusters for AI/ML. Efficient infrastructure also requires efficient use of computing power at various levels, such as using nearby devices that are not currently in use. For optimal use of the infrastructure, information can also be sent further up/down the hierarchy for better response times and latency or balancing between different costs both in the form of money for cloud calculations or other aspects such as energy and/or data traffic.

The research will be conducted in the research project AI Climate, with the fiber infrastructure owner Servanet and the security company Clavister as primary external partners. In which you will work with research and development of new state-of-the-art technologies and algorithms for fog computing. You will also actively collaborate with other researchers within the research group, the STC research center, as well as other external partners in both academia and industry.

Job description

Graduate studies including 100 %.

Requirements and assessment

To be considered for a PhD position, the applicant must meet the entry requirements for admission to Mid Sweden University´s third-cycle programme. In order to meet the entry requirements the applicant must have a second-cycle degree, or have completed at least 240 ETCS credits of which at least 60 credits should be second-cycle courses. An additional requirement is that 90 credits of the 240 total must consist of courses in computer engineering, computer science, or other closely related subjects. The applicant is also eligible for consideration if s/he has acquired the corresponding knowledge in some other way.

In addition to the formal eligibility requirements, the selection will also be based on other work (e.g. thesis), advanced level courses and interviews with the applicants. A strong background and previous experience in network security and fog/mist computing is most important for the position. Experience of MEC, blockchain, distributed systems, AI/ML, and IoT is considered meriting. Good programming skills in Python, Java, and C ++, as well as mathematical skills in statistics, stochastic processes, and data mining are requirements. Fluent written and oral communication in English is mandatory. Personal qualities such as the ability to collaborate, take initiatives, and suitability for doctoral studies will be weighed together with the formal subject knowledge. A brief description of the applicant’s visions and goals must be included in the application.

Terms of employment

The PhD position refers to employment corresponding to two years of fulltime studies which are estimated to lead up to a licentiate degree. On condition that additional funding is obtained, the employment may be extended to a PhD.

Location: Sundsvall

Entry: The 2022-03-01 or according to agreement.


For further information please contact Dr. Stefan Forsström, email: stefan.forsstrom@miun.se, or

Dr. Patrik Österberg, head of department, email: patrik.osterberg@miun.se.

Or visit the research group online at www.miun.se/stc/csn.


The application should include a verified CV, copies of official transcripts and degree certificates, description of objectives according to the above as well as other documents the applicant would like to refer to.Please welcome to apply through our recruitment tool no later than 2023-02-06.

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  • Contract typeFull time
  • First day of employment2022-03-01 or according to agreement
  • SalaryAccording to the Mid Sweden University salary scale for PhD students.
  • Number of positions1
  • Working hours100%
  • CitySundsvall
  • CountyVästernorrlands län
  • CountrySweden
  • Reference numberMIUN 2022/2893
  • Union representative
    1. Ummis Jonsson, SACO, 010-1428809
    2. Per Bergman, Fackförbundet ST, 010-1428371