Senior Lecturer in Design with a Specialisation in Sustainable Development in Fashion Design

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Aug 25, 2023 21:59:00 GMT+00:00
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At the Faculty of Textiles, Engineering and Business, we conduct research and education in business administration, industrial engineering and management, resource recovery, and building technology, as well as within the textile field: design, management, and technology.The Faculty’s departments are the Department of Business Administration and Textile Management, the Department of Engineering, the Department of Resource Recovery and Building Technology, the Department of Textile Technology, and the Department of Design. There is also a department for the Textiles Labs. The Swedish School of Textiles and the Centre for Sustainable Society Development are other important parts of the Faculty. The Faculty is also the home to two doctoral education programmes: Resource Recovery and Textiles and Fashion.

Science Park Borås contributes to the continued development of Smart Textile’s platform for textile innovations and acts as a generic platform for innovation that can also be applied in other areas. Quality and materials are constantly being developed and new applications are being identified, not least with the help of Smart Textiles. The business area Textile with Smart Textiles brings together projects and platforms connected to the textile area with a focus on development, making available and materializing textile innovations. The government mission and platform Textile & Fashion 2030 is a large part of the textile business area.

The Department of Design wants to develop sustainability issues within the subject of fashion design through research and education as well as development work with surrounding society in the area. We are therefore now recruiting competence for teaching at basic and advanced level in textile and fashion design as well as research in the research programs Body and Space, Re:Textiles and ArcInTex. The position involves working in collaboration as there is a need for cross-border work between both the academy and the Science Park.

The Department of Design is, in collaboration with Science Park Borås, looking for a Senior Lecturer in design with a focus on sustainable development in fashion design. We hope you are interested in working with us!

Job description

As Senior Lecturer, you work with teaching and supervision in design at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels. It also includes theoretical development and practical applications within sustainable methods and design processes for the creation of clothing and wearable design based on the body, movement and activities. Work tasks also include conducting your own research and participating in developing the research and education environment, including through course and programme development. Your role also includes participating in the department’s collaborations both with adjacent textile education areas and with the surrounding society, as well as working for increased internationalisation of the educational programmes withing design.


The position requires:

  • Degree of Doctor of Fine Arts.
  • Demonstrated artistic expertise or equivalent professional expertise that is of importance regarding the subject matter of the position and tasks to be included in the position.
  • Demonstrated teaching skills.
  • Good ability to communicate orally and writing in English.
  • Documented advanced knowledge and skills in sustainable methods and design processes for fashion design.
  • Knowledge and understanding, as well as practical experience, of alternative sustainable ways of thinking and designing clothing and wearable design, based on interaction between body, material and activity as well as experience in experimental design research with focus on sustainable development, design methodology and aesthetics.
  • Experience of collaborative projects in sustainable fashion design.
  • Experience in supervision and teaching in design.
  • Good cooperation skills and ability to work independently and in a structured manner.
  • Ability to prioritize tasks.

Merits for employment are:

  • Experience and competence in design development for circularity.
  • Experience and competence in transformative innovation linked to the green transformation of business.
  • Experience of supervision of degree projects and teaching in design.
  • Experience of collaborative projects in related arts and design areas.
  • Leadership in the fashion design area.
  • Experience of publishing artistic research results in relevant exhibitions, journals, conferences or equivalent.
  • International network when it comes to education and research.

A general eligibility requirement for a permanent employment as a teacher, is to have completed a course in teaching and learning in higher education of at least 10 weeks of full-time studies, or to demonstrate equivalent knowledge. An employee who who do not have such education, should complete such education during the first two years of employment.

Type of employment: Permanent employment. A six-month probationary period may be applied. Employment rate: 100% Start date: As soon as possible Position location: Borås, Sweden Registration number: PA2023/130


Information about the position can be provided by Head of Department Clemens Thornquist via telephone +46 (0)33-435 43 66 or email The trade union representative is Martin Behre, Saco-S. Trade union representatives can be reached via the university switchboard, +46 (0)33-435 40 00. During the summer, it may be more difficult to reach them. 


You can apply for the position via our website by clicking on “Apply.” 

Write clearly in your application which position you are applying for and include the applicable reference number.  A complete application should include the following electronic documents: 

  1. Cover page/personal letter with brief reason for your application where the position and subject area applied for is stated.
  2. CV (overview list of education and work experience in chronological order) with reference contact information and desired salary.
  3. Merit portfolio according to the University of Borås guidelines. Download the template for the merit portfolio in PDF format.
  4. Copies of relevant degree certificates substantiating how you meet the requirements for the position.
  5. Any certificates documenting completed training in teaching and learning in higher education
  6. Publication list and/or list of works within the artistic subject area.
  7. Relevant artistic publications cited in support of the application (maximum of 7)
  8. Copies of relevant certificates/grades/documentation substantiating how you meet the requirements for the position.

More information for you as an applicant can be found on our Job vacancies page: How to apply for a job with us 

Contact HR at if you have scientific publications that cannot be attached electronically directly to your application. Such publications must be received by the university no later than one week after the application deadline. After the application deadline, no additions can be made electronically.

Please submit your application by midnight 2023-08-25 (CET, Central European Time).

For the university, it is a matter of course to work for sustainable societal development throughout our operations and to work to promote diversity, equality, and accessibility. More information about the University of Borås and what it is like to work here. The university as a workplace means employment with good conditions and benefits. Our modern campus is located in the city centre within walking distance of the main train and bus station, thus offering good commuting options. More information about terms of employment and career paths. We kindly decline contact with advertisers and staffing companies in this recruitment.