Postdoc in Molecular Ion Channel Physiology

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We are now looking to appoint a postdoc in the field of Molecular Ion Channel Physiology.

Work assignments

We are looking for a skilled and motivated postdoc with an interest in working with membrane proteins to understand how they work at the molecular level. You will perform experimental research focusing on electrophysiology and molecular biology to understand how voltage-gated potassium ion channels are regulated, as well as identifying binding sites and underlying molecular mechanisms of channel modulators. You will mainly work with techniques such as molecular biology to construct mutant ion channels and two-electrode voltage-clamp electrophysiology to study human voltage-gated potassium channels expressed in heterologous systems.

As a postdoc in this project, which is funded by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, you will be part of an interdisciplinary team with world-leading expertise in structural biology, machine learning, computational biophysics, electrophysiology and neuroscience spread across the leading universities in Sweden: Chalmers, KTH, Stockholms, Linköping and Lund universities. The goal of the project is to understand ion channel structure and function in order to better design molecules to modulate their activity, which may be beneficial in counteracting electrical disturbances in conditions such as epilepsy, cardiac arrhythmias and muscle paralysis. You will be the key person using electrophysiological techniques to functionally study ion channels and will interact closely with the other team members in your research group and with collaborators using cryo-EM and computational methods.

As postdoc, you will principally carry out research. A certain amount of teaching may be part of your duties, up to a maximum of 20% of working hours.


To be qualified to take employment as postdoc, you must have been awarded a doctoral degree or have a foreign degree that is deemed to be equivalent to a doctoral degree. This degree must have been awarded at the latest by the point at which LiU makes its decision to employ you.

It is considered advantageous if your doctoral degree is no older than three years at application deadline for this job. If there are special reasons for having an older doctoral degree – such as taking statutory leave – then these may be taken into consideration.

We are now looking for a highly motivated researcher with a PhD in biophysics, physics, chemistry, biology, pharmacology or similar, for the position relevant area. Long experience in studying membrane proteins using electrophysiology and the ability to work independently with such methods is a requirement for the position.

Experience of working with voltage-gated ion channels, two-electrode voltage-clamp and molecular biological approaches to construct recombinant proteins is seen as meritorious.

The position requires extensive knowledge of English, both spoken and written.

As a person, you must be self-motivated and structured. You are ambitious and you can solve problems on your own using creative thinking and careful analysis. Your work is of high quality and you have good communication and collaboration skills. Great emphasis will be placed on personal qualities as you will have a key position that involves interaction with different groups and team members.

The workplace

You will work at the Division of Neurobiology (NEURO), in Sara Liin’s research group. The research group has a general interest in voltage-gated potassium ion channels that play important roles in the heart, nervous system and muscle tissue. We want to understand the very fine molecular details of how disease-associated mutations impair ion channel function and how these ion channels are modulated by endogenous ligands/lipids. We also aim to develop new pharmacological pathways to target ion channels. We offer stimulating working conditions including a postdoctoral network.

You can read more about our research here.

As this is a collaborative project funded by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, close interactions and regular meetings between the project’s five research groups are required. With this position, we intend to intensify our collaborative work to understand at the molecular level how ion channels work. You will lead the electrophysiological assessment of how mutations and molecules modulate the function of voltage-gated potassium channels, and which underlying molecular mechanisms are involved. The development of the project as well as experimental strategies will be driven by interaction with experimental/computational groups in structural biology (Gourdon, LU), in vivo experiments (Broberger, SU), molecular biophysics (Delemotte, KTH) and machine learning (Olsson, Chalmers).

The employment

This post is a temporary contract of two years with the possibility of extension up to a total maximum of three years. The position as a postdoc is full-time.

Starting dateAugust, 2023.

Salary and employment benefits

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Union representatives

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Application procedure

Apply for this position by clicking on the button labelled “Apply” below. Your application must reach Linköping University no later than 26 June 2023.

Applications received after the deadline will not be considered. 

We welcome applicants with different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives – diversity enriches our work and helps us grow. Preserving everybody’s equal value, rights and opportunities is a natural part of who we are. Read more about our work with: Equal opportunities. We look forward to receiving your application! Linköping university has framework agreements and wishes to decline direct contacts from staffing- and recruitment companies as well as vendors of job advertisements.

Contact persons

Sara Liin

Associate Professor

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Johanna Källming


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