Associate Senior Lecturer in Energy Engineering

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Employment information

Employment: Fixed-term employment, 4 yearsScope: Full timeClosing date for application: 2023-06-24Campus location: VästerasSchool: School of Business, Society and Engineering, (EST)

Work duties

An appointment as Associate Senior Lecturer is a fixed-term career-development position of least four years and at the most six years in accordance with the Higher Education Ordinance Chapter 4, Section 12 a. 

The purpose of the appointment is for the teacher to have the opportunity to develop research autonomy and acquire the scholarly and teaching qualifications required for the eligibility requirement for appointment as a Senior Lecturer. 

The Future Energy Center (FEC) meets the challenges of the future in energy and environmental systems by researching and developing processes and systems for increased resource efficiency and digitization in the transition to a renewable energy system. A key area is to increase flexibility to enable increased use of intermittent renewable energy such as solar and wind to meet the growing need for capacity. Digitization means developing new mathematical methods for model-based diagnostics, decision support, optimization, and control. Buildings and urban infrastructure, industrial processes and the transport sector are all important parts of the energy systems to be examined from the component level, technology, process design, operational perspective and up to the system level. Within the Future Energy Center, we offer training in the areas of energy, environment, and construction technology. We also offer postgraduate education in energy and environmental technology.

As Associate Senior Lecturer at the Future Energy Center, you will be involved in research, teaching and collaborations with our industrial partners. Your research will focus on intermittent renewable energies such as solar and wind. The research tasks that are planned initially focus on specifically studying the performance of solar cell systems, for example in combination with agriculture (“agrivoltaics”) or on buildings in combination with energy storage. It will contain both theoretical and experimental work. You will work in close collaboration with companies and other researchers both internally and externally and submit and review applications for future funding.

The position is a temporary position (4 years), but before the end of the employment you have the right to be tested for employment as a senior lecturer. The tasks will include both research and teaching activities to promote the university lecturer’s continued qualifications. You will be given the opportunity for courses and workshops to promote, for example, the development of new research projects, project management, financing arrangements, collaboration with business, international collaboration, doctoral supervision, and teaching.

Eligibility requirements

The entry requirements to be appointed as an associate Senior Lecturer is primarily a person who has graduated with a Degree of Doctor or has the equivalent academic competence maximum five years before the time for application for employment as an Associate Senior Lecturer has expired.

Any person who has completed a Degree of Doctor or has achieved equivalent competence previously may therefore also be considered if there are special reasons. Special reasons refer to leave due to illness, parental leave or other similar circumstances.

The applicant must have a research profile that is relevant to the field of energy engineering and/or electrical engineering as well as to research in intermittent renewable energy, such as solar cell systems.

To be eligible for the position, the applicant must also have demonstrated the required academic skill and teaching ability. Academic competence may also have been demonstrated through the ability to achieve results in research through collaboration in joint projects that benefit academia and business/public sector/society in general and through the ability to disseminate research.

The applicant should have completed ten weeks of higher education teaching and learning education or acquired equivalent knowledge in another way. Anyone who is appointed as an Associate Senior Lecturer but who lacks a higher education teaching and learning education will be offered such an employment within two and a half years. The higher education teaching and learning at Mälardalen University corresponds to ten weeks. 

Basis of assessment 

As a general basis for assessment, both the ability to cooperate and the ability and suitability that are otherwise needed to perform the work duties will apply.

Regarding the nature of the appointment as a career-development position, the applicants’ scholarly and educational merits will be assessed primarily in qualitative terms. A quantitative advantage of an applicant, which can be explained by an applicant who has been working operatively for a long time, will therefore not be a deciding factor.

An equal amount of attention will be given to the assessment of teaching expertise as to the assessment of scholarly expertise.

The assessment of pedagogical ability shall apply to planning, implementation and evaluation of teaching as well as supervision and investigation. The pedagogical ability must be well documented so that its quality can also be assessed.

Given the nature of this merit-based position, the applicant’s academic and teaching credentials will be assessed above all with regard to quality. A quantitative precedent for an applicant, which can be explained by the fact that the applicant has worked for a longer period of time, is therefore not decisive.

The tasks require communication skills, both in writing and speaking, in both Swedish and English. Applicants who do not speak Swedish are expected to work to meet criteria. We place great focus on personal suitability and the applicant’s ability to contribute to a successful research and educational environment. The same attention should be paid to the assessment of pedagogical skill as to the assessment of academic skill.

It is of utmost importance that applicants:

  • demonstrated scientific competence in energy and environmental technology related to intermittent renewable energy, such as solar cell systems, through international publication and/or through experience in industrial research and development work
  • ability to teach university courses in energy technology.
  • ability and practical experience of problem solving and implementation of new knowledge through, for example, experimental or simulated methods 

Of second greatest importance is that of the applicant

  • ability to interact with society by, for example, informing about research and development work at conferences, academic and popular events, etc.
  • documented ability to collaborate that creates shared value in various joint processes.

Paramount importance is placed on personal suitability. We value qualities that contribute to improving the age and gender balance as well as the ethnic and cultural diversity in the organisation.

Upon promotion to a Senior Lecturer

By the end of the appointment as an Associate Senior Lecturer the applicant has the right to be assessed for appointment to senior lecturer. The appointment to senior lecturer is until further notice.

To be eligible to be promoted as a Senior Lecturer the applicant must have demonstrated the scholarly expertise and teaching skills required for such an appointment. The eligibility qualifications required to be appointed as a Senior Lecturer are stated in Mälardalen University’s Appointment Regulations.

In addition, research expertise may have been demonstrated through achieving results in research by means of collaboration in joint projects for the benefit of academia and the private sector/public organisations/community and through the ability to inform about research.

The assessment of teaching expertise will concern both planning, implementation and evaluation of teaching as well as supervision and examination. Teaching expertise must be well documented and in such a way that the quality can also be assessed.

The application for promotion must have been received no later than six months before the end of the appointment period.

At the time of promotion to Senior Lecturer the applicant must have completed a qualifying course in higher education pedagogy.


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