University of Twente (UT), the Netherlands

The University of Twente is the place for higher studies, with a lot of research job openings for future progress. Check out the ranking details and salary details.

University of Twente UT The Netherlands
University of Twente UT The Netherlands

The University of Twente (Dutch: Universiteit TwenteDutch pronunciation: [ynivɛrsiˈtɛit ˈtʋɛntə]abbr. UT) is a public technical university located in Enschede, Netherlands.

The UT collaborates with Delft University of TechnologyEindhoven University of Technology and the Wageningen University and Research Centre under the umbrella of 4TU and is also a partner in the European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU).

At the University of Twente, we are pioneers in fusing technology, science and engineering with social sciences to impact the world around us. Our driving force as students, scientists and educators is a deep sense of connection with people who share a curious, entrepreneurial spirit.


  • Being ‘people-first’ is our choice
  • We are a university of technology
  • We empower
  • We provide sustainable solutions


Contributing to Fair, Sustainable and Digital Society

  • Fair Society: Making Humans more Humane
  • Sustainable Society: WellBeing within the Ecosystem
  • Digital Society: Contributing and Benefitting