University of Oslo (UiO), Norway

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University of Oslo UiO, Norway
University of Oslo UiO, Norway (Credit: UiO)

The University of Oslo (NorwegianUniversitetet i OsloLatinUniversitas Osloensis) is a public research university located in OsloNorway. It is the oldest university in Norway. The Academic Ranking of World Universities ranked it the 58th best university in the world and the third best in the Nordic countries. In 2016, the Times Higher Education World University Rankings listed the university at 63rd, making it the highest ranked Norwegian university.

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Through knowledge, responsibility and commitment we shall contribute to a sustainable future. We have shaped society for over 200 years and are a leading European university. For the next ten years, the University will promote independent, pioneering and long-term research and offer outstanding education. We shall strengthen the dialogue with the outside world and contribute to the use of knowledge.


Nobel Prize Laureates

Five Nobel laureates have been employed by the University of Oslo. The Nobel Foundation in Sweden officially recognizes UiO as the host institution for three of these awards.