The Netherlands Cancer Institute, NKI

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The Netherlands Cancer Institute
The Netherlands Cancer Institute

The Netherlands Cancer Institute, founded in 1913, is among the top 10 comprehensive cancer centers, combining world-class fundamental, translational, and clinical research with dedicated patient care. Our initiatives to promote excellent translational research have been recognized by the European Academy of Cancer Sciences, when they designated us ‘Comprehensive Cancer Center of Excellence in Translational Research’.


We have set ourselves a bold goal: a cure for every cancer. This is what we owe all 18 million people worldwide diagnosed with cancer each year. We are ranked among the global top 10 of cancer centers and we simply want to make the world a better and healthier place through our research and patient care.

Core values

The NKI was founded in 1913. Since then, the same core values have been guiding us in our work and in our lives. Over the past century, we have always been committed to be:

  • Excellent: We aim for the best results, in our patient care and in our research.
  • Groundbreaking: We want to be cutting-edge in our research as well as in our patient care.
  • Dedicated: We want to address the needs of all individual cancer patients and their loved ones, both in our research and in our patient care.
  • Together: We collaborate, both within and outside our institute. We share our knowledge, we learn from each other and encourage each other to do better each day.