Radboud University (RU), the Netherlands

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HFML - FELIX-Radboud University RU, The Netherlands
HFML - FELIX-Radboud University RU, The Netherlands

Radboud University (abbreviated as RUDutchRadboud Universiteit, formerly Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen) is a public research university located in Nijmegen, Netherlands. The university bears the name of Saint Radboud, a 9th-century Dutch bishop who was known for his intellect and support of the underprivileged.


Radboud University is contributing to a healthy, free world with equal opportunities for all.

Core values

  • Connected
  • Curious
  • Reflective

When the University opened in 1923, Professor Schrijnen, the first rector magnificus, described universities as ‘workshops of science and scholarship’ and ‘environments of fruitful intellectual collaboration and interaction’, where ‘dissenting views are discussed seriously and objectively.


Our university wants to contribute to a free and healthy world with equal opportunities for all and to make a significant impact on a regional and an international level.

– President of the Executive Board Daniël Wigboldus