NMBU Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway

Håkon Sparre NMBU Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway
Håkon Sparre NMBU Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway

The Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NorwegianNorges miljø- og biovitenskapelige universitetNMBU) is a public university located in ÅsNorway. It is located at Ås in Viken, near Oslo, and at Adamstuen in Oslo and has around 5,200 students.


Knowledge for life

NMBU shall contribute to safeguarding the basis for life in the future through outstanding research, education, dissemination of knowledge and innovation.


As a University, NMBU aims to educate outstanding candidates, perform high-quality research that produces new perspectives, and create innovation. NMBU will contribute to a knowledge-based and open public debate and help boost public confidence in research methods and results.

We will have open and respectful cooperation with the world around us, both with the public and private sectors. We will ensure that public funds are effectively and purposefully used, benefiting society as a whole. NMBU shall be an internationally renowned University.

Salary at NMBU, Norway

PhD Scholarship amount at NMBU, Norway

PhD fellow position is placed in government pay scale position code 1017 PhD. Fellow. PhD Fellows are normally placed in pay grade 54 on the Norwegian Government salary scale upon employment and follow ordinary meriting regulations.

The salary for PhD scholars or scholarships or stipend is ~NOK 491.200 per annum (Roughly NOK 41,000 per Month).

Associate Professor Salary at NMBU, Norway

Associate Professor position is placed in the government pay scale at code 1011, Associate Professor, wage framework 24, salary grade 65-77.

The salary for the Associate Professor is ranging from NOK 586 500 – 744 600 per annum (depending on qualifications). Roughly NOK 48,875 per month is the salary for Associate Professor.

Updated on July 31, 2021