NHH Norwegian School of Economics, Norway

NHH Norwegian School of Economics, Norway

The Norwegian School of Economics (NorwegianNorges Handelshøyskole) or NHH is a business school situated in Bergen, Norway. It was founded in 1936 as Norway’s first business school and has since its establishment been a leading teaching and research institution in the fields of economics and business administration.

NHH Norwegian School of Economics is one of the leading business schools in Europe. NHH has an internationally recognised research environment and is the first choice for students who want to study business administration in Norway.

In close cooperation with the business community and society, we are developing new knowledge and creating values for a sustainable future.

NHH has an international profile and cooperates with 195 universities and business schools in more than 50 countries. We have approximately 3,500 students and 400 employees.

Nobel Laureate

In 2004, Adjunct Professor and NHH alumni Finn E Kydland became the third Norwegian Nobel Laureate in economics.

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5045, Bergen, Norway

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