KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Discover KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden - one of the top universities in the world. Explore its campuses, engineering programs and world university rankings.

KTH Royal Institute of Technology Sweden
Drone view of KTH Royal Institute of Technology Sweden Square building [Credit: KTH]
KTH Royal Institute of Technology Sweden
Drone view of KTH Royal Institute of Technology Sweden Square building [Credit: KTH]


The KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Swedish: Kungliga Tekniska h√∂gskolan) in Stockholm, Sweden, is a top public research university. KTH is the biggest technical university in Sweden. It is focused on engineering and technology and has five schools and four campuses in and around Stockholm.

An innovative European technical university

Since it began in 1827, KTH has grown into one of the most important places in Europe for intellectual ability and new ideas. Some of the most important problems facing humanity, like climate change, energy supply, urbanization, and the quality of life for the old, are the focus of the university. KTH does this by doing study and teaching that are among the best in the world in many areas, such as science, engineering, architecture, industrial management, and philosophy.

Versatile solutions to global challenges

KTH encourages new ideas and offers a wide range of educational programs (Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral degrees) to train the next generation of engineers, builders, teachers, and students. It does this by putting a lot of emphasis on research that spans different fields.

KTH is committed to working with academia, business, and society to make the world a better place. It does this through a wide range of foreign research collaborations and educational exchange programs.

World University Rankings of KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Subject Rankings

EduRank Rankings 2023

The KTH ranked 6th in Sweden, 234th in the global 2023 rating, and scored in the TOP 100 across 50 research topics. It is based on 3 factors: research output (EduRank’s index has 59,116 academic publications and 1,814,343 citations attributed to the university), non-academic reputation, and the impact of 147 notable alumni.

  • Engineering #72/4624 [#1 in Sweden]
  • Physics #106/4082 [#1 in Sweden]
  • Chemistry #123/4317 [#3 in Sweden]
  • Computer Science #138/4392 [#1 in Sweden]
  • Biology #455/4496 [#9 in Sweden]
  • Environmental Science #268/4023 [#7 in Sweden]
  • Business #225/4001 [#8 in Sweden]
  • Mathematics #155/3376 [#2 in Sweden]
  • Arts & Design #193/2700 [1 in Sweden]

GRAS Subject Ranking 2022

Top 5 Global Ranking of Academic Subjects by the KTH published by ShanghaiRanking

  • Automation & Control #23
  • Mathematics #32
  • Telecommunication Engineering #32
  • Transportation Science & Technology #41
  • Electrical & Electronics Engineering #49

QS Subject Ranking [2022]

Top 5 subjects ranking of KTH published by QS

  • Mechanical Engineering #23
  • Materials Sciences #23
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering #23
  • Architecture and Built Environment #26
  • Civil and Structural Engineering #44

THE Subject Ranking [2023]

Top 3 World University Ranking for the Academic Subjects by the KTH published by Times Higher Education

  • Engineering & Technology #53
  • Computer Science #77
  • Physical Sciences #126-150

U.S.News Subject Ranking [2023]

Top 9 KTH Subject Ranking published by U.S. News

  • Engineering #52
  • Polymer Science #66
  • Energy and Fuels #74
  • Computer Science  #96
  • Biology and Biochemistry #110
  • Mechanical Engineering #114
  • Condensed Matter Physics #121
  • Chemical Engineering #124
  • Materials Science #124