Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences (INN), Norway

INN Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, Norway

The Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences (INN University), Norwegian: Høgskolen i Innlandet, is a state university college in Norway, established in 2017 from the merger of Hedmark University College and Lillehammer University College.

The academic offer at INN University covers a vast number of subject areas: ecology and agricultural sciences, psychology, sports, law, music, pedagogy, health sciences, social sciences, teacher education, language and literature, biotechnology, film, tv and culture, tourism, animation and game sciences, economics, leadership and innovation.

INN University aspires to build strong and enduring academic and research environments that will spearhead regionally, nationally and internationally. We are developing a new and better institution with high academic and pedagogical quality, aiming at achieving university accreditation by 2021.


“Stronger Together”

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2418, Elverum Norway

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