Erasmus MC, the Netherlands

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Erasmus MC, The Netherlands
Erasmus MC, The Netherlands

Erasmus University Medical Center (Erasmus MC) based in RotterdamNetherlands, affiliated with Erasmus University and home to its faculty of medicine, is the ‘largest and one of the most authoritative scientific University Medical Centers in Europe.

Erasmus MC is a single organisation with a single identity. All Erasmus MC departments and units share a common name, logo and house style.

Erasmus MC encompasses a full spectrum of clinical services, including those provided by two specialist units operating under the Erasmus MC umbrella: Erasmus MC Sophia Children’s Hospital and Erasmus MC Cancer Institute. Both have unique reputations of their own in the world of university hospitals.

Erasmus MC is an international leading academic hospital. Erasmus MC staff, volunteers and students work with passion and dedication to achieve a safe, first-rate healthcare for patients with complex disorders, rare conditions or acute needs. Erasmus MC is recognized as a world-class scientific research organization aiming to improve our understanding of diseases and disorders and helps to predict, treat and prevent them.

Mission statement

We are committed to achieving a healthy population and pursuing excellence in healthcare through research and teaching.


Erasmus MC is recognized as a leading innovator in healthcare.

Core Values

  • Responsible
  • Connecting
  • Enterprising